Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 1st Week October 2015


This is one of the amazing months that you need to keep yourself comfortable and make work easier with an amazing apps. The iPhone series has got a strong processor that can launch and run apps smoothly. Software and apps developers develop apps daily some of them are even malware so you must be cautious about those. Therefore you have to take care when downloading an app. It’s quite cumbersome to determine the best app for yourself and even to know which app is a malware and which one is not. That’s why we come in handy to give you an amazing list that is well researched.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. SnapChat
This is a messenger app that allows you to send message very fast giving you a lot of fun .When you send a video or photo to a friend after they view it they disappear unless they take a snapshot for feature viewing. Conversation only take place when both friends are available online to chat. This is the latest app for you for chatting .This is among the top free app for you in iTunes this month. Open this month with an amazing style and way of chat.

2. Pandora
This is an amazing app designed for iPhone and iPad and its compatible with iOS 9.This is its latest version with a amazing and new features. If you are a music and video fanatic then this is the app for you to own .This app is purchased in the ITunes .It allows you to watch and hear music in it. The ads are removed making it awesome for you. You can also stream live channels using this app

3. Spotify
If you are a music fanatic then this is the app to have .This app gives you a new way and style of listening to music this month .It has got amazing features that allows you to listen your music from and evn watch your favorite music clips. This features are like playing any music you want, listening to music offline and a good sound quality. It has got a monthly subscription charged depending on the country you are from .You can turn on and off your subscription in the iTunes account settings any time you want. This app is purchased and downloaded in the iTunes store.

4. Snapdeal Online
This is the top purchased app in the iTunes store so far with amazing features for you .This apps helps you socialize with friends all over the world. If you like making new friends then this is the app to own .This app is purchased in the iTunes .You can send messages to your friends using this app through the live chat

5. Uber
This is a latest app developed by the uber technologies. This is a travelling app that allows you to request to be driven around or picked up at any place. This app is currently in 50 countries. This app has got several updates with awesome designs and localization updates to allow you be picked in any place at the fastest time possible .Don’t get stuck anywhere just download this app and it will help you whenever you are stuck.