Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6s for 1st Week November 2015


Apps are very essential for your iPhone to operate. This being the 1st week of November numerous apps have been developed by the app developera��s .Having a great advancement in the technological level of Apple phones there are more essential apps being introduced in the market so far. It is quite technical to determine the best apps for your iPhone in this 1st week of August but with our list your work has been made even simpler. Ita��s time to keep your iPhone up to date with the top latest amazing apps .Here are the top 5 apps in the iTunes store that you must have .

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

Top 5 Apps for iphone

1. Sleeve Coach.
Have you had a bariatric surgery? Then this is an app that is not supposed to miss In you iPhone .This is a health and fitness app that tracks your health activities after a surgery .It will track your intake of proteins, water and even vitamins. This is one of the that will help you to manage your post plan surgeries .This is one of the highly rated apps in the iTunes store with a price tag of $ 4.99.

2. PocketGuitar
This is an amazing flexible app that allow you to train and play a hand guitar in your iPhone .Its equipped with 24 sequence ,5 scale and 14 BMP(60 ~~ 240).This allows you to walk with your guitar in your phone .This app has got a high average rate and top reviews in the iTunes store. This is one of the top paid apps in the iTunes store

3. Full Docs for Microsoft Access 2013.
This is a tutorial guide app to the Microsoft access 2013.It is equipped with over 100 tutorials that allows you to learn more about the Microsoft Access 2013.This actually a full course on Microsoft access in HD. This app is highly rated in the iTunes store with a lot of reviews .This app is downloaded for only $ 0.99 in the apple iTunes.

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4. Coloring for Kids Book.
Ita��s a high time to allow your children be more creative with the coloring for kids app. This app has got amazing tantalizing colors and eye catching designs to provide an amazing tutorials and entertainment for your children. This is one of the top apps that you must have in your iPhone that goes for only $ 1.99 in the apple iTunes.

5. Countdown Timer Pro
This is an amazing app that doesna��t notify or make noise when the countdown stops .This app has excellent features such as allowing you to label your countdown timer, hiding of fractions .This app also allows you to set the date and time for your countdown. This app also allows you to get the top tv countdowns in your iPhone. This app has got a high rating and reviews in the iTunes with a price tag of $ 1.99.
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