Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015


Apple are constantly producing new and efficient up to serve the market better. With the Ios 9 version better apps have been updated on the apple store. During the WWDC a lot of new and update apps were announced. Update concerning apple watch was also stated. A Lot of new and better apps have been released into the market from the time of the WWDC conference. The following apps include some of the top iPhone apps 1st week of September 2015.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015

1.  Layout from Instagram
This is an app which allows you to do more with your photos rather than just updating them. Using this app you are in a position to remix up to nine photos into a very cool layout. You are also in a position to add effects on these photos and upload these combined snaps to your Instagram feed. Using this app you are in a position to give a stylish control over your photos and also give them a better layout. This app is totally free on the apple store.

2. Pennies
For those who dream about apps which can keep track of their budget rather than having to carry a paper and pen, well this is the app for you. This app turns traditional financing to a modern manner of financing by using charts and tags. This app usually focuses on one thing; this can be how much you have sent or how much you are left with to send. It gives you a financial budget and quickly calculates your spending. This app is perfect for those individual who want to know how their money flow is; money in and money out. These apps can be purchased on the apple store for about $2.29.

3.  Pacifica
This is an excellent app for those individuals dealing with depression or anxiety. This app is relatively new in the market and has been recently updated using cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation, mindfulness and other health techniques. With this app you are in a position to track your mood and other habits. This app offers you exercises which will help you reduce stress and anxiety when things feel out of control. This app can be downloaded on a free basis from the apple market.

4. Spendlytics
This is an amazing app which was released on the day when apple rolled out apple pay in the UK. Using this app Santander customers are in a position an over of their spending habits. The app will break down transaction into types and it will later sort them by week or month. Using this app you are in a better position to track your spending. You will however have to be a Santander customer for you to enjoy it. This app is in the process of being upgraded to cater for spending in all categories and not only in the Santander ones.

5. Dark sky
This is a cool app which definitely ought to be in iPhone apps 1st week of September. This app uses GPS location to give accurate forecast for the next hour. You are in a position to tell when it will begin to rain or snow. This app also offers weekly forecast, beautiful animation and a notification center widget. This app is available on apples store for $2.99.

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