Top 5 Apps for iOS 3rd week of July 2015


IOS is one of the most efficient and quick operating systems in mobile world today that is why i phones have such a good reputation in the market.iOS is considered as choice of the classy people who prefers quality and looks over the features. We have tried to collect the latest iOS app which not only are unique and classy but also contains wonderful features which separates them from nth apps available inA� iPhone store. List created here is based on our teama��s personal experience and reviews. Persons may have better experience with some others app too. We welcome any suggestions.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Horizon is a camera app for the IOS which helps to shoot pictures and videos in the horizontal mode with the inbuilt gyroscope of the mobile. You can change default resolutions according to your convenience and choice. There are 8 inbuilt filters within the app which helps to create some good videos and pictures. Slow motion mode and levelling mode is also added to the app which makes it a nice app. Free tier includes water mark .Some feature are locked in the free version of app which can be purchased.

This app is designed for the health conscious people. This app offers a mix of high energy and high tempo of music which pushes you during running and exercise. There is a whole range of collection of music which includes hip hop, rock, classical and so on. If you like oldie or 90s, it is available in the app. One of the mind blowing features which come with the app is my beat. This feature helps to increase the pace of the music according to your heart beat, your steps or according to your personal adjustment. This app can be adjusted with other running apps.

U messenger
Messaging apps are one the most popular apps on any platform. There are so many apps out there. So what is special in the U messenger? U messenger can be used for sending messages, pictures, videos and stickers. It can be used in group chat mode too. But the special one is the recall feature. With help of this feature user can recall all messages sent to a specific person. Another feature called Break up is available with the app. if a person is troubling you or you dona��t want to continue to chat with that person anymore, with the help of this feature you can take back all content sent to that person at the same time deleting his contact details from your mobile.

File this
This app reduces your burden of storing your documents. This app collects your receipts, bills, expenditure statements and other documents from credit cards, banks and converts them in a pdf format and stores them in the cloud storage of your choice. This app also covers insurance and utility companies. It helps you to get rid of hard copies of your documents which you need to carry with you.

Dark sky
Dark sky is a weather app which predicts about weather conditions at your place. You can see if it is going to rain or there will be snowing with the help of this app. One of the striking features is the beautiful visualizations which are shown in the app.