Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch in 2nd week of November 2015


An Apple watch is one device that really needs apps for it to function to the maximum. Their design is really unique incorporated with a powerful processor to enable it run the latest apps in the market. In this 2nd week of November there have emerged very powerful apps that increases the value and importance of your phone.This really goes further to the extent of making your watch be more useful than your phone. Here are the top 5 apps for your Apple watch that you won’t miss to download.

apple watch

1. Complicate It.
This is an Apple watch app though it may be used on other iOS devices that enables you to quickly save important small details such as phone contacts, addresses, security codes etc. as first as possible .You can either type or say the details so as to save it making it very fast and quick. It also provides maximum security to the details ensuring the annoying snoopers do not reach to it .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes stores.

2. iTranslate.
This is one of the apps that should not miss in your Apple watch .This app recognizes speech from any language then records it in text form after which it will translate it to your desired language in text form again. If you travelling to a new country then you must have this app to help you overcome language barrier. This app has got a price tag of $ 0.99 in the windows store. You are therefore required to purchase it before you download and install in your Apple watch.

3. Enlight Cam Pro.
This is one of the top photo editors that was designed for your Apple watch .This app allows you to customize and add amazing effects to your photos through your Apple watch. It’s equipped with very amazing editing tools to enable you customize your photos .It’s very easy to install and use this app. This is one of the latest and highly rated apps with a price tag of $2.99 in the windows
store. You are therefore required to purchase it before you install in the Apple watch.

4. Juicy Ideas.
This is an amazing app that provides tutorials on the healthy fruits to take all day. It will provide information on the best nutrients to consume during specific seasons so that you don’t catch any cold .Its equipped with tutorials of recipes for the best juicy mix and also seasonal tips to immune yourself. This app is downloaded for in the iTunes stores.

5. Magic Talking Animals.
This is an amazing audio book collection with interesting stories that are also fascinating for your children.The stories range from folktales to the world’s most fairy tales of the times from different cultures. The stories are recorded with quality sound making it most amazing for your phone.This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your Apple watch.