Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch in 1st week December 2015


Apple watches have got a strong processor that and IOS that is compatible with the latest apps. The app developers has designed and developed latest apps that increases the value of your Apple watch thus rendering your phone useless. The latest apps are being designed using the latest technology making them have a perfect interface. Apple watches have become one of the most trending technological innovation sparking the emergence of many apps. Not all of this apps are the best that is why we have selected the top apps that should not miss out on your Apple watch. Here are the top 5 apps that you are supposed to own in your Apple watch.

Apple Watch

Top 5 Apps for Apple Watch in 1st week December 2015

1. Traffic Signs Kit.
This is one of the top apps that is supposed to be in your phone especially if you are travelling by road. This app give a wider information on the traffic rules and signs so as to take care on the road. It is equips with very clear images that provides information on the signs and rules. This app has got a price tag of $ 3.99 you are therefore required to purchase it before you download it.

2. Sale Price + Tax Calculator.
If you are potential business person or investor than this is one of the most vital app that should not miss in your Apple watch device. It has got a voice control command hence no need on struggling to launch it and operate it. It allows you to make accurate and simple calculations on the sales discounts, losses, profits etc. in the fastest way possible. This is one of the highly rated apps that has got a price tag of $ 0.99.

3. Pimp your watch.
This is one of the interesting app that allows you to customize your watch with the latest and new faces or wallpapers making it look amazing. It is equipped with the latest HD wall papers some of which are rear and modern making it have a fantastic view.

4. Cancer Disease a��Health Alarm
This is one of the top health apps that keeps track of your body health. This app tracks your body symptoms and ensures keeps you informed if you have got any symptoms for a cancerous disease. Cancer kills therefore this is one of the apps that you should have in your Apple watch .This app is downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your Apple watch.

5. Radio Classical.
This is one of the latest apps that allow you to listen to any online radio station in your Apple watch. This app has got a very simple navigation making it very simple to use. It is equipped with over 100+ top online radio station enabling you to catch up with the latest news and trending topics all over the world for you to hear. This is one of the highly rates apps with a price tag of $ 2.99.