Top 5 Apps for Apple Smartwatch in October 2015


Smartwatch is the current and latest technological development worldwide .I do know that some of my readers already own or are yet to own a smartwatch.I also know that some of them are still wondering of what use is a smarwatch.Don’t be too anxious about that here is the perfect answer for your questions.The app smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches in the universe with numerous apps that are very useful.Its quite tiresome to determine the best app this October for your smartwatch.That is why we come in handy to give you the best app which are malware free.This apps are what makes the smartwatch be of a greater purpose in your life.Here is our Top 5 apps for Apple smartwatch.

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Top 5 Apps for Apple Smartwatch

1. The Dark Sky
This is one of the most useful weather apps that you must have in your smartwatch.Its not only about determining time in our smartwatch but also determining the current weather situations in your region so as to plan your schedule correctly.This app is simple to use and also gives out a very accurate information to you o weather issues.This is why it is being top rated her in our list.This app is a little bit expensive but worth to own it.It goes for only $ 4.00 in the app store.This app will enable you to plan for your schedule accurately.

This is another app that makes your apple smartwatch very useful in this world.The calcbot app enables you to carry out very useful calculations in your smartwatch with a lot of ease.This calculator app is not a scientific or a graphing one but it just does simple calculations such as addition subtraction and averaging.This renders it very useful in you life since no one can do without simple mathematics in life.In addition to this it can also prom unit conversions.This is a free app downloaded from the app store in your smartwatch.

3.The New York Times.
If you really love quick news update which are large all over the world then here is the best app for you in your smartwatch .This app can hold about 6 stories at a time just for you to read the one that you are interested in.The stories have got photos and even some have got video clip for you to watch .This is one of the amazing app that allows you get access to the latest information and news at any time and anywhere.This the best responsive app so far making it very fast to use.This app is acquired for free in the Apple itunes.Having high ratings with a large reviews is what makes it appear among our top 5 list for you this October.

You want to be physically fit then ths is the app to own in your smartwatch.This is one of the latest and most trending app in the apple industry.This is an apple app for fitness and its loved because of its amazing graphics.This app provides all that you need when accessing workouts and even to monitor your fitness progress by just swiping and tapping on your apple smartwatch.This app is downloaded for free in the itunes app store.In addition to this if you want to have other features such as runtastic six pack you have to pay around $ 5 to access it.This is the top best app for you this October

5.The Score.
Are you a sport fanatic then here is an opportunity to get he latest scores and game results straight away from your wrist.The score app allows you to get the latest result score of any game and team of our choice from your smartwatch directly.Most sports men always have smartwatch and the main reason for this is the score app .This allows them get latest results of any game and match in their watches.All you have to do is to select your best teams in the iphone app only and you will always receive the latest score on the teams.This is also a free app downloaded in the itunes store