Top 5 Apps for Android Smartwatch in October 2015


Android smartwatch technology has been the current technological advancement in the universe of late .Its not all about the watch but actually more of just checking time.The android smartwatch can carry out very many functions as long as it has got the right app to carry out that task.The smartwatch can perform amazing tasks for you that you cannot image.It actually makes your life and work more simpler.Its quite cumbersome to determine the right app for yourself that is why we come in handy with a well versed list of the top apps for you this October.This are app that are well researched rendering them malware free.Here are the top 5 apps that you ought to add in your smart watch:

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Top 5 Apps for Android Smartwatch

1.Wear Internet Browser
This is one of the latest apps for you allows you to view you webpage at a quick glance.It is actually more about time because with the smartwatch you can do various webpages.This is one of the amazing apps for you this month of October.This is done by linking the smartwatch to your smartphones and therefore if you had earlier on bookmarked your pages in the phone you can view them in your smartwatch.This app will enable you to access your pages even if your phone is off.This app has got a voice command support and therefore you can command it to type various URLS and even go to the pages.This is one of the top free apps in the apps store ready to download.

2.Run Keeper
If you are an amazing runner and you like taking morning jogging for physical fitness then this is the app to have.This app monitors you running activities like calculating the distance and speed you have covered when running.If you are an athlete then you must have this app during training in you smartwatch.This app supports voice commands hence you don’t have to pull out your watch during running .This therefore makes it amazing and easy for you during your training exercises.This is one of the top free apps or you downloaded in the apps store

This is an app that functions the same way as the wikipedia .This app was developed so to cater for the difficulties involved when using the the wikipedia in a smartwatch.The words in the wikipedia were so tiny and unreadable but with this app they are now readable.This app has got amazing navigation making it awesome and easy to use .This app has got high ratings and large reviews making i appear i the top 5 list.This app is acquired for free in the app store.

4.Wear Mini Launcher.
Here comes another amazing app for you this October.Te wear mini Launcher is a app that enables you to open apps using the voice control.This app is amazing because of its incredible features and functions such as controlling the volume of your phone with the smartwatch and turning off and on of your WIFI settings.This functions and roles is what makes it appear among the top in our list.This a free app in the apps store which has got a high rating and large reviews.

5.Evernote For Android Wear.
This is one of the fantastic apps for you this month of October.This app has got important and vital functions such as searching for your phone when it is lost using the voice commands.This app also allows you to create new notes using the voice commands this is quicker than typing.This makes your work more easier and simpler.This is one of the top free apps downloaded from the Google store.Having a higher rating and large reviews makes it be in our top 5 list