Top 5 Apps for Android phones in 1st week of July 2015


Android is the most popular platform for the mobile phones now days. Large numbers of apps are developed daily for the android phones. We have tried to collect latest and unique apps which can be trend setter in coming days. Of course list we have prepared is based on personal experience and preference. If anybody comes with better options it will be appreciated.

android 2


Nuzzle is effective and easy way to see what is happening around you quickly. it scans your face book and twitter accounts and picks up the highlights or hot stories from the account and present them in a more systematic and comprehensible way. It helps you to keep yourself updated of all the happenings around you and saves your time and efforts for repeated visits to the pages of your account to see latest updates. When a big news is shared by your friends nuzzle sends you the customized news. You can even share news with your friends with the help of this app.

Google hand writing input

Google hand writing input is an effective tool for a person who prefers writing to typing. It allows a person to write on the screen of his phone or tab which is readily perceived by the latter. This app supports more than 82 languages. Cursive and printed writing are compatible with the app. You can write with stylus or even without it. More than hundred emoji available with app is an added feature. It can be used as a good adjunct to the voice typing along with the touch screen typing.

Square cash app

Square cash is an app which is used to exchange money electronically with ease. Transfer of cash can be for personal and business purpose. If a person wishes to use this app for family purpose one has to create a personal account on square cash. For personal use no fee is charged for exchange of money. Money is sent directly to the debit card. If professional organizations uses this facility they have to create a cash pro account. A fixed fee is charged on transactions that take place through cash pro account.

Touch Pal Emoji keyboard

Touch Pal Emoji keyboard is a free keyboard app which is available for android platform. It has more than 800 smiley, Emoji and emoticons for use. Text faces are also available in the keyboard. This app helps the user to use wide range of emoticons during chatting and typing. It is preloaded with the prediction technology feature which helps the user to type quickly because of its ability to learn new words. Keyboard can be customized with the help of more than 100 colourful and beautiful themes. A unique feature has been added which is called contextual prediction which helps in reducing the typing errors by correcting wrong spellings and auto capitalization .Personal photo can be used as emoticons too.

WP8 Launcher

WP8 Launcher app is designed for the people who are tired of watching same old interface of their android phones. It is designed so as to give the look of a windows phone to your android phone. Colour and size of the square can be adjusted according to onea��s personal choice. Even new box can be added to the interface. Widgets can be created for the applications too.