Top 5 apps for Android phone for 3rd week of April 2015


Many numbers of notable names have hit the virtual shelves for the April release. It seems like April is going to be a busy month on Google Play Store.Our Phonelane Editors have brought you the pre-eminent, fresh and updated apps from the Google Play Store and have made it simple for you, so here you are with the Top 5 apps for Android phone for 1st week of April 2015.

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Now get your food any place any time in just a single click. Squarea��s food has setup a new delivery app especially for the people living in particular US cities has made it to the virtual market, but ita��s been only a month since it jumped to the Android world.As all of you have expected, Caviar allows you to directly order from registered restaurants and even offers you a full-color photo to kindle your hunger.The interesting part is that this app allows you to track your order by GPS. When the hunger beeps you can check the app and find where it reached.

More or less inspired by the movie Hangover this app allows you to take snaps on your day out or during any time but wona��t allow you view the pictures unless its midday of the very next day.Maybe you can think of it similar to White Album and Eversnap. While the software was launched in early December, April was its official promotion a�� and strikes the beginning of the foremost Android builds too.

Now you can call your dear ones from WhatsApp, with the latest feature unveiled in March the sales have once again gained more.To utilise the facility you will have to upgrade to 2.12.5 from Google Play Store, or use the freely available APK file or even side load it.After you are all done, all you have to do is simply tap the Calls tab, and then choose a contact from the new call icon. Ita��s not made available for iOS users, but ita��s expected to hit the stores by the month of April.

It is surely not a new app, but got a makeover on iPad,Iphone, Android and Mac this month.It comes with a complete redesign for Lollipop; there are much of coloured accents that can help you distinguish the difference between smart lists, folders, lists and other components.Both Android and iOS up gradation also has the latest feature that allows you group things by category wise.

Do you want to share large files from Android devices or even share the whole folder where youa��ve stocked up the images? Well, Infinit is the best choice for you.The best part about Infinit is that it allows you share the real copies of files, with no requirement to shrink the file size a�� comes in handy when your phone captures a 5K video. Most importantly the app lets you download content from any other users of Infinit