Top 5 Apple iWatch Apps for 1st week of February 2016


The apple watches are designed using the latest and improved technology making them more compatible with most of the latest apps introduced into the market. In the beginning of this New Year it is actually a high time you need to keep you apple watch device updated with the latest and new apps. The latest apps developed by the app developers are really amazing and essential that will actually increase the value of your apple watch. Apple watches have become common nowadays and the development of the apps renders the phone devices useless. Here are the latest apps that should not miss out in your Apple watch device in 2016.

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Apple iWatch Apps for 1st week of February 2016

How you say.
How you say is an amazing app that tops our list that is actually downloaded for free in the iTunes store of your apple watch. This is a translation apps that allows you to translate your language to 5 languages i.e. Albanian, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. This app is essential especially if you are traveling to various destination. Thus it therefore solves the problem of language barrier in those regions whose languages can be translated using the app.

MegaCalc: Scientific Calculator.
This is one of the highly rated and essential apps that has got a price tag $ 2.99 hence you are required to purchase it before downloading it. This is more than a normal and ordinary calculator since it performs scientific functions such as the parenthesis, natural logarithm, pi .power of N, factorials, common logarithms, Euler, power of E etc. This is actually what makes it unique and very essential for you to download

iSpeak Translate.
This is also one of the most essential translation apps that is also highly rated in this month of February. This amazing app have got one main and unique feature i.e. translating a speech to one language to another. This app is equipped with almost all of the international languages making it best for you to use .Ita��s very simple to use it since all you have to do is to play the audio file after which it will recognize the language then translate it to your desired language. This app is purchased for only $ 0.99 in the iTunes store of your Apple watch device.

How to draw words in Graffiti.
This is one of the highly rated apps and the top most paid apps that is downloaded for only $ 5.99 in the iTunes store. It has got amazing and unique graffiti styles and a set of instruction making the app amazing. It is very simple and easy to use it since it all involves following a set of particular instructions.

Work Time Monitor Gold.
The main purpose of the watch is to enable you to determine a particular time of the day, but the work time monitor Gold provides more than that. This app allows you to create a work-flow organization and time management during your working. This app is downloaded for only $ 3.12 in the iTunes store.