Top 5 Apple iWatch 2 games 2016


Although it seems irrelevant to play games on such tiny sized Apple watch with one handed control method, still a huge Apple iwatch fan base is eager to play games on Apple iwatch therefore developers have burned their midnight oils in order to procure some exciting games for Apple iwatch 2.. Here is a list of top 5 of Apple iwatch 2 games you will love to play.

apple-iwatch-2Apple iWatch 2 Games Download

1. Best Fiends

fiends iwatch 2

It is a free to play candy crush styled IAP dependent puzzle game in which you have to explore the lands of Minutia, save yourself from dangers and find treasures.. In its r to keep your powers, characters updated and to defeat the slugs, you will need to keep the game connected with its iPhone app.
2. Cosmos Rings

cosmos-rings iwatch 2

This game is developed by Square Enix which are the developers of famous ROB games like Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana. It is being regarded as the first of its kind role playing game where you can make brutal attacks on enemya��s by single tapping on the screen. You will need to play the game essentially during the last 3 minutes of the boss fights.
3. Lifeline…:

lifeline-2 iwatch 2

It is an interesting real time game on Apple watch where you will met with Taylor, the only alive member of the crew who landed on the moon. You will need to guide Taylor in taking different decisions in order to make him survive.. By real time we mean that if Taylor says it will take him an hour to do any activities, it is a real life hour for you too which is very exciting about it.
4. Nuggetz

nuggets iwatch 2

It is a funny yet challenging reaction based game based on the A troop effect.. Here you are challenged to name the color of a word while the word itself reads the name of any other color. E. G you are asked to name the color of a word reading yellow while the word itself is blue color. Dona��t take it lightly because it is highly challenging.
5. Rules!

rules iwatch 2

It is an artistic yet cute brain stretching game where you get to complete 10 stages daily.. It is not the type to bust your brain but it can actually acts as a brain sharpener. It lets you record daily progress on the iOS app. Infact it is nothing like anything.