Top 5 Android Utility Apps for Slick Android Experience


Utility Apps in Android make it an adaptable mobile working framework and using plethora of Android Utility Apps; you can truly modify it and make it your own. In spite of the fact that establishing your smartphone may be the most ideal approach to tweak it, the procedure may be muddled. For easier, less demanding alternatives, look at the Android Market, which offers an abundance of apps that can improve than any of the stock programming that delivered with your phone

The Top Android Utility Apps pick from our side

Here are my top picks for the best Android Utility apps to modify an Android phone


When you need to change the look and capacity of your home screen or app drawer, the most straightforward path is to download a launcher-swap app from the Market of Android. Adw.Launcher provides you a wide mixed bag of controls over the majority of parts of your home screen; case in point, you can change the color of the app drawer or hide the status bar. ADW likewise backs topics, permitting you to change the look of your home screen and app symbols definitely.
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LauncherPro Utility Apps
LauncherPro, much like ADW, provides you the ability to modify the look of your phone. You can download unique widgets that work with Twitter and different administrations, and you can re-do symbols by downloading and introducing symbol packs. LauncherPro is likely the most mainstream launcher reinstatement, chiefly because of the sheer measure of settings you can tinker with to get your phone’s home screen look precisely the way you need it.
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GO Launcher EX

What truly emerges about GO Launcher EX isn’t the way it gives you a chance to modify your home screen, but instead what it does to your app drawer. With the assistance of this device, you can rework apps anyway you like, and rapidly uninstall any that you don’t utilize any longer. Furthermore if your phone appears to be easing off, the ‘Close All Programs’ bind will stop all running apps to free up some RAM. GO Launcher EX is incredible when you covet more control over your apps’ association and space.
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Launcher 7
Launcher 7 Utility Apps
Launcher 7 swaps the vanilla Android interface with that of Windows Phone 7. Apps, like for example, Gmail or Messenger will even appear as live tiles, upgrading immediately when you gain new quick messages or message. Despite the fact that this launcher does not include much practicality, it is fantastic to take a gander at. I truly like it since it makes essential assignments, for example, checking quick messages or calling somebody much quicker.
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myxer_logo Utility Apps

Tired of the fundamental Android ringtones? Myxer can offer assistance. With several free ringtones to browse, you will invest a lot of time perusing for the ringtone that best fits you. The app will even help you make your own particular ringtones utilizing any .mp3 indexes you may have in your phone s memory. While the app does experience the ill effects of a couple of minor graphical glitches, it finishes its work.
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