Top 5 Android Security Apps for virus free Android Usage


While Android is a marvellous working framework from various perspectives, it does represent some genuine dangers for IT branches. Google (GOOG) needed to uproot around 50 malware-spoiled applications from its Android Market and has initiated an Android app murder switch which highlighted the downside of the organization’s “free love” approach to distributed applications where it will let anybody put their app available and will just bring it down if alarmed by an unbiased gathering client.

The benefit of having security apps, obviously, is that the business sector likewise offers a wide mixture of value security applications that can ensure you safety from malevolent apps. Here are eight Android applications that can help IT divisions keep an improved hang on workers’ Android-based gadgets.

Top Android Security Apps to help you secure your Android Phone

McAfee WaveSecure

WaveSecure Android App

McAfee’s WaveSecure app do not possesses any of the infection outputs or firewall insurance that the organization is acclaimed for, however it does have some imperative characteristics, for example, the capability to remotely bolt the phone and to clean key information from it, the capacity to go down and restore wiped information after a mechanism has been secured, and the capacity to track and guide your apparatus utilizing GPS.
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mSecure Password Manager

mSecurepasswd manager

This app has practical experience in encoding and archiving paramount data and passwords, incorporating financial balance numbers, Social Security numbers, message log-in passwords and that’s just the beginning. The app uses 256-cycle Blowfish encryption and has a password assurance “clue” that makes inquiries to help recall passwords. Moreover, the app characteristic includes an immediate password generator that will help you make solid, secure passwords for new or existing records.
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DroidDream Killer

droid dream killer

Here’s a quick result if your Android mechanism has been hit with the DroidDream malware. Basically, the app gesture as a “stop record” that trains the DroidDream malware not to taint your mechanism. Engineer Chris Ravenscroft alerts that while he’s been fruitful in utilizing this application as such, “there is no insurance that this specific bit of malware or another won’t change their conduct and begin disregarding this record.” So far the app has appropriated gleaming surveys from clients, as it has accepted a normal five-star rating on the Android Market. Indeed in this way, this ought to be seen as a speedy patch and not an extensive security result.
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AppScan Beta

app scan beta

While DroidDream Killer is intended to help you manage malware after ita��s as of now been introduced, Aegislab’s AppScan Beta is intended to prevent you from constantly downloading it in any case. The application examines different apps on the Android Market and recognizes any spyware or malware they may have on them by hailing them as “suspicious.” It can likewise filter apps for any unwanted ads.
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Antivirus Free

Antivirus Free

This is a prevalent antivirus application that has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and has gained a normal rating of four-and-a-half stars from more than 12,000 clients on the Android Market. It filters applications that you’ve as of recently introduced onto your apparatus and cross checks them with its own particular reference database of known pernicious applications.
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