Top 5 Android role playing game (RPG) for 2015


The world of Mobile RPGs is dominated by big name title like Baldur’s Gate, Secret of Mana and anything Square Enix has ever produced. But all these awesome games have to be paid for and the production value for the free to play RPGs for mobiles are usually below par if compared to the paid ones. Still, instead of despairing, we set forth, much like the brave heroes we pretend to be in an RPG, on a quest to locate the best and the brightest jewels among the free to play RPGs available on the Android platform. Here’s what we found:

Top 5 Role Playing Game for Android 2015

Blood Brothers 2 from the house of DeNa Corp

BLood Brothers 2

Blood Brothers 2 from the house of DeNa Corp. is a vampire fantasy done right. The vampire hero of Arnashia is tasked to defeat the dark enemy threatening the safety of all that he holds dear. The basic premise is familiar but the story is well-told and illustrated by interesting and appealing characters. What’s different is that unlike the board game type of display seen in most RPGs, Blood Brothers utilises cards for things like choosing allies or combat situations. The artwork and graphics are noticeably different from its forerunner and the darker grittier style is an interesting change. It’s great for short as well as a long sustained game-play. Although the in-app purchases are pushed a little too early in the game, on the whole navigating this world is definitely worth the effort.


Soulcraft2 from the house of MobileBits GmbH is a traditional dungeon crawler which can be played offline. The gameplay is a mix of skirmishes, strategy and good old-fashioned hack and slash. The Character design is top-notch, over the top in a way that we can appreciate in an RPG. After all, in a fantasy, it should be go big or go home and they have definitely gone big for both graphics and sound. Several game modes can be unlocked by completing challenges like timed sprint to transporting portals. The skills and gear are unlocked by actually levelling instead of obnoxious pushing for in-app purchases, so the player feels like are actually earning their achievements on the field.

Pixel Dungeon from the house of Watabou

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon from the house of Watabou is the roguelike representative on our list. But its merit in graphics and gameplay are by no means inferior to its compatriots on our list. Excellent for short gameplay, it’s also perfect because the maps are generated by a randomiser every time you begin. So really every day is a new adventure in the Pixel Dungeon. The player should be prepared to be surprised because special items reveal their powers only after use and sometimes that backfires spectacularly. Surprisingly in this particular free to play app constant interruptions from ads are not present at all.

Order and Chaos from the house of Gameloft

Order and Chaos from the house of Gameloft is the MMPORG to beat all MMPORGs on the mobile platform. It’s not perfect, but you can advance in the game fairly even without the in-app purchases. Some players may notice a similarity to WoW, but really, other than the graphics its very different – its not quest-centric, and instead of Mods it has a helper built into the maps. There are special arenas for PvP modes and is excellent for both short and long gameplay.

Inotia 4: Assasin of Berkel from the house of Com2us

Inotia 4: Assasin of Berkel from the house of Com2us is a fitting successor to the legacy of the franchise. The new and improved version boasts a longer, more complex storyline, and sharper graphics and new ways of collecting mana. The player can indulge his love of role-play with six available classes to choose from and several new gear. The main character is a tortured soul with a lost past who journeys across the realm uncovering several secrets including his own.

In our own quest we might have missed other worlds which are worth a visit, so let us know about them. Now go forth, heroes all, and defend the realm of your choosing.