Top 5 Android games for 4th week February 2015


The gaming season is getting hotter day by day with the release of high definition, innovative games by the developers at fast pace. However if you are looking for the fresh gaming stock to have fun with? You have reached the right destination. The developers have shed some energetic, devastating and adventurous stuff this week. So, after hovering over the muddle for you, we have collected the top 5 best games for this week of February 2015. Enjoy the games full of chaos, skills, strategies and have fun.

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1. Broadsword: Age of chivalry: Get yourself ready to be the commander of four distinct armies from the middle Ages, this game is strategic, turn based, where you have to complete missions one after another. You have to control French, English, Hapsburgs and Spanish armies and lead them to victory. The army confederation comprises of different units having different powers which include archers, pike men, catapults, etc. You can also grab the special heroes and perform tremendously powerful moves in the battle field. You can also architect different buildings, resources and create a successful empire of your own.

2. Evoland: It is going to give you a ride from the history to the present happenings of PRG adventurous games. The adventure start with the monochrome black and white graphics and floats forward landing you into high definition 3D graphics Enjoy the battle’s and fights along with dungeons and the sack of surprises coming in your way. The game is full fun with loads of achievements to unlock and secrets to reveal.

3. Merchants of Kaidan: This game gets you immersed into the adventure of the old world tales somewhat like Jack Sparrow one’s, being an RPG, you have to roam free across the whole world and get yourself into action for earning bucks. In the starting you are provided with a cart and a bag of silver coins and gold coins. Being a merchant, you will have to acquire the knowledge, skills and tactics to make deals and ear profits. You need to know about the news from the different merchants, find hints and sell the goods at profitable price.

4. 1942 Pacific Front: You can get the glimpse of WW2 from this game as you are put on duty with your troops in the Pacific region to experience the dreadfulness of WW2. It’s all about using your wits and getting your commando in a battlefield to crush down the enemy or get crushed. You are provided with heavy weapons like torpedoes, bombs, tanks, etc. With the help of bombs and bomb wings you need to take down the enemy positions and their headquarters. It’s not only about attacking, you need to defend your own battleships also.

5. Transformers: Battle tactics: Unlike the older versions of this game, it is totally different, being a turn based RPG game, You will see all of you favorite transformer characters in the game including Megatron, Optimus prime, Bumblebee, etc. You can assemble a team of the transformers but winning a battle needs strategy and the transformers shifting nature’s makes battles very surprising where you either win with surprise or lose all ends up. You can attain the supremacy by topping the leader boards.