Top 5 Android Games for 2nd week of August 2015


It’s quite difficult to determine the latest games through App store and Google play though the games are always update now and then, but believe with this list you are going to find the perfect and best games. In our list of the games that are on top for the 2nd week are the one which are most impressive and enjoyable games to play in your android phones. You will actually have more thrilling and exciting opportunities to when you play this games. Having a quick view of this games will enable you to to determine what is best Top 5 Android Games for 2nd week of August 2015

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Games for 2nd week of August 2015

1. Etherlords (Arena)
This is an action game with amazing graphics built on unity engine showing a marvellous fantasy universe which have Vitala, Kinets and Chaots .You have to battle and win against your enemies in the PvP battle and discover new plans to remain strong in the game. Having a great army of monster such as wolves almost 200 you are supposed to lead them in the fight against your enemies.

2. Witch Puzzle – Match 3 Game
This is also another incredibly addictive game by exploring the world of magic and solving the witch puzzle in the witch city, castles .It has got amazing levels to cover by reaching the targets and archiving the milestones set with amazing magical booster to power you up. It has also amazing graphic that will fascinate you

3. Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay
This is an action game that has got various levels of battling roles. This game is so thrilling with amazing graphics and the 4 types of battle, 6 types of pirate ship. This game also allows you to invite friends from Facebook and play with them as your friends or along with them as your friends in the battle field. There is also stealing of your enemies Gold that making the battle real compared to the ancient wars in Greece and Rome. Have a real experience of a battle field with this game.

4. Groove Coaster 2
This is an adventure game with more fascinating graphics and epics. It’s an addictive game that requires you to play any time you are bored .This the game that won an award as the best game of all the time. It’s incorporated with an amazing and soothing music when playing and also new instruments with dynamic controls required for playing it. This game is simple fun and exciting with amazing graphics and music.

5. Jelly King: Rule the World
Have a chance of ruling your own small world with this game as the name suggests. This is an adventure game with a wacky little jelly and your mission is to enable the jelly to rule the world. This game also allows you to play with your friends from Facebook creating awareness and fun when playing against someone whom you know. You have to unlock various levels and through accomplishing the other or you can unlock them using the real money