Top 5 Android Games for 2nd week October 2015


These being the second week of October you have to make your month be live and more active by having the latest and best games that will make your day .Games are being developed day and night by the game developers and it might be quite difficult to determine the best latest game by yourself. Thata��s why we come in hand with this well researched list of the top 5 Android games for you in this week. Here is our most engaging games for you this week of October:

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1. The Dragon Soul
This is an epic fantasy game that your main role is driving dragons and the monsters to a battle field. Ita��s one of the amazing games with awesome graphics that are eye catching .This game is equipped with fantastic heroes each having 4 deadly powers and 8 rarity levels .We have go the evil dragons which you have to fight against them in the furious battle. The heroes are equipped with a supersonic speed making the game even more interesting .This is one of the addictive games that will keep you busy all te time .Having an average rating of 4.4 and over 6000 reviews it actually makes it among the top 5 games for you this 2nd week of October.
2. NumberFul
If you actually have a great passion for numbers then this is the game for you to play .This is actually a puzzle game that improves your power of mathematics while having a lot of fun when playing. In this game you just have to connect the numbers on the board that add up to the target as you progress in the levels you might encounter difficult levels. During the pl ay you might collect various bonuses and points making it very fun to play. This is a timed game where you have to perform horizontal, diagonal and vertical additions and subtractions mechanisms .It has got a wonderful and eye-catching graphics with a beautiful l background.
3. Build Battle 2
Here comes another version of build battle .If you loved playing build battle one then here is another opportunity for you to play build battle 2.This is one of the recently developed games with amazing graphics and a background display. In this game the main challenge sis to build anything given within the levels for 5 minutes .This game has got an amazing HD Resolution and perfect sound theme. It as got both multiplayer and single player. Its an amazing game to keep you busy during your free time.
4. The Martian: Bring Him Home.
This is one of the top and latest adventure games for you this Week. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is absolutely the game for you to play. This game involves bringing a NASA specialist stuck in mars back home. His life is actually on your hands as he struggles to survive back to earth. This game has got amazing graphics .This actually the game for you to play.

5. Pentas
This is one of the best games for kids .It basically involves arranging the pile of bricks in one to form a certain pattern. Ita��s an amazing puzzle game ever. This game has over 10 activities in one game. This makes it be of a lot of fun especially for the Kids