Top 5 Android Games for 1st week of March 2015


Gamers might have got bored with playing the same stuff again and again but the wait is over and here comes your share of new gaming wave. With the gaming session going hot all over the globe, Phone Lane has gone through the gamera��s lane and bring some action packed, storytelling and wheels burning games for you. Ita��s definitely one of the best installments of games and these games will take your mind to a new mental state of excitement and feeling physics. So, leta��s enjoy them all wholeheartedly and keep playing the finest selection of games from our world of happiness.

Android 5 Lollipop

1st week of March Top 5 Games

1. Grim Legends: Explore this amazing world of wonder and magic where the legends belong. Ita��s a place filled with secrets, mystery, forbidden temples, etc. This city of revenbrook although features very cheerful people but they are all feared of the evil spirits wandering at the bay. Then what comes after to this city is dreadful, so you have got the chance to visit the city and explore it, fight the danger that waits. This awesome game is complied of 24 mini games and 38 creative locations. You will have to explore 11 different characters full of mysterious secrets.

2. Dark Strokes: What will you do when someone will abduct your future bride? Of course you will risk your life to save your future. This tragedy happened to the young man named Ethan Black, and his loved one was took away by the faceless Ones. Now play the role off Ethan honestly take him through the city, make him find the clues and do every possible thing that will take him to his darling Clair. Based on emotional tragedy you will have to go through 58 locations, play 16 mini games and explore 20 hidden secret objects within the game.

3. Star Command: If you ever dreamt of managing and driving your own space shuttle, then this game can make your dream come true. It allows you to gather up your own crew, build the space ship based on your own engineering skills, and upgrade it. To survive for the good in the space, keep increasing the skills, explore the space, discover 10 alien species and go rampant over them. This is a game of responsibility where management as well as gun fight is in your hands.

4. Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood: Based upon a story of being an innocent woman being cut off from the world into a perverted game with a psychopath. He abducts your fiancA� and drags you to play this game full of puzzles and mystery. You will have to solve different puzzles one after another in 38 locations and a big bunch of hidden objects present to help you finding him. For adding more attraction and interest in the game a set of 28 mini games have been introduced along with hints and tips for you, so that you wona��t get stuck.

5. RE-VOLT Classic 3D: This game is all about killer racing with your car loaded with dangerous weapons. You will have to race through 14 different tracks, going through museums, roof tops, cruise ships, etc. There are 42 differently handling cars whose physics vary according to design and speed. In the meantime, listen to a great sound track and you can play this game in 4 different modes. The global ranking is also made available to show the world that you are best.