Top 5 Android games 2nd week of March 2015


With the onset of 2015, the gamers are developing some high physics games based on sports and racings. However, the adventurous games are still maintaining their special position with interesting stories and high quality graphics full of dangers. Here we are providing you with the fresh dose of games for this week of March 2015. These games are very interesting and fun to play being the mixture of sports, races and mysteries; this is an all round weekly gaming pack for you. Keep enjoying and be happy.

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Games March

1. NFL Quarterback 15: This is the finest and most up to date super bowl game for 2015 brought to you by FULL FAT. You can simply select your favorite team and start the super bowl fever. You will discover all 32 NFL teams present in the game to be selected. You will play in the University of Phoenix stadium, enjoy passing, touch downs, etc. With improvements, your skills will upgrade. A lot of tougher challenges are to be discovered in the game.

2. Out There: Enjoy this mysterious game where you have to play the role of an astronaut wrecked in some unknown place in space. You will have to keep yourself and your shuttle safe from unknown enemies, keep refilling oxygen from garden planets. You will meet spatial organisms which are much intelligent than humans. You will explore secrets related to human existence and fate.

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3. Weird Park: Scary Tales: Explore this fairy play game full of puzzles, you need to solve the puzzles, discover hidden objects and bring back the children taken to evil clowns tower. You will indeed enjoy this movie type games full of beautiful scenes, twisted levels and loads of hidden objects to be discover. The storyline of this game is totally amazing and interesting to solve.

4. Table Top Racing: The ultimate console type racing game is here with highly intensifying graphics. Take your favorite car; upgrade it in the garage, and battle worldwide to be the best. Race through the world famous racing tracks and explore the racing experience full of obstacles, circuit limits and shortcuts. This game has been made compatible with Android devices and in- app purchases are found but they are not obligatory to purchase.

5. Racing Rivals: This ultimate racing game leta��s you race with live opponents; you can challenge your rival or be challenged by them. Live chat feature is also available in the game. Just get involved in betting game where stakes are high so better prepare your ride fully before getting started. You can participate in weekly competitions and earn huge rewards and bonuses. You will be able to ride your favourite sports muscle cars in the game which includes McLaren, BMW, Dodge and much more.