Top 5 Android Games 1st week of February 2015


This is the last instalment of bouncy and incredible games for the month of February 2015 from Phone Lane, after the thorough surfing all over the web; we have summed up these best newbie games you would love to play on your Smartphone and tablets. These games are combination of power, skill and brain, so you better fasten your seat belts before riding these nitro boosted fast paced games as well as strategic ones. This is definitely the most heated installment of games for this month. So, better try them out instead of missing the mysterious and joyful ride.

Android 5 Lollipop

Top 5 Android Games 1st week of February

1. The Great Fusion: Discover yourself living in the world where laws have no value. The rich people are getting wealthier and poor people are getting more torn off. In this game you have to lives a poor guy namely Max, grown up poor but an intelligent programmer so you have to strive and struggle for your existence. You will fall into many surprising awkward situations and you have to face them. The graphics is neat and the game also features nice sound track.

2. Warhammer 40,000 – Carnage: Get yourself engaged in some full on run and gun action, kill your screaming and growling enemies in this fast paced game. You will love to go crazy on your enemy and destroy the stuff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where you can play 5 different chapters which include ultra marine, dark angel, blood angel, space wolf and salamander. The graphics of this game is most likely going to give your Smartphone hiccups so play it on v4.1 and above Android OS.

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3. Toy Defence 3: Fantasy-TD: Take charge as a commander of the fast and furious archers, elves and goblins, battle with your friends and the other 15million players all over the world. Fight against the mysterious dragons and crafty goblins in the all new magical world. Build your own strategic tower defence against the 9 different types of evil enemies, complete achievements and be the best. Be the boss of medieval world with the realistic graphics of this game.

4. WWE immortals: If you are a diehard fan of WWE, then this game will definitely bring a lot of joy and energy into your gaming life. Bring your favourite contenders into the magical immortal world and unleash the mysterious powers. Choose your favourite ones and upgrade their powers. Play online against different players worldwide and perfect your moves and combos. The graphics of this game is excellent with great animations, you are definitely going to love this.
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5. Dragon Knights: The whole Midros Continent is under the devils hunt and you are the only hope to save it from the devil. Fight against the monsters, power up the equipment of your Hero, use more than 400 weapons and assault on the devils. You can also take part in the World Boss Battle along with the players worldwide. Sharpen and use your skills in the tower of heroes and take part in different events to get rewarded.