Top 5 Android Apps in 3rd week of July 2015


The Android Market has released a number of fun and useful apps this year. We have dug through the Play store and chose five apps that you’;re not using but should be. Check out the Top 5 Android Apps, which are useful, entertaining and worthwhile to be downloaded, the next hottest apps ever! These apps have brought brand new ideas and will be your best buddies in your phone. Be the first one to share with your friends and family!

android 4

ita��s always complicated to make a group call with your friends on phone, especially when inviting them into the group. Here comes the Popcorn Buzz, the easiest app to use! It is recently launched by Line which provides you a free group call that you can talk with up to 200 people at the same time. No matter for sharing lives with your family or having a group conference for work, Popcorn Buzz is a nice choice. You may think that having large group call cause confusion easily. In fact, people whose icons are with green light on are currently talking in group. You can invite your friends into the group by sharing the URL, just a few clicks then ita��s done.

I am sure everyone is curious about their past life, especially the animal lovers, whom will be a big fan of this app. By using your own photo, it determines which animals suit you and analyses your habits. Past Life You Were Animals Face is a fun app to use and suitable to share with friends and families. It also helps to know you better by analysis of your characteristics and personality. You can also share your result through social networking sites. Quickly download the future hits!

Searching interesting videos in YouTube becomes part of our daily lives. If you are used to search some funny videos and share with my friends, I am sure you will like Daily cast: YouTube Video Pick. It is categorized into Daily Headline (where the hottest videos are), Staff Picks and Personal Subscription. The function of Staff Picks is super time consuming and in a garnered quality. With the Daily cast: YouTube Video Pick, you won’; t miss any interesting videos and helps you to bring up topics with friends easier.

Twitch is definitely made for gamers, especially those who are really into playing Legend of League or Duty of Call. You can watch the broadcast of both live and recorded of the top games and chat with the players that you have followed. It provides a variety of games and up to 25 languages for you to choose. What you have to do is to set up an account and choose what games and channels to follow, and then you are able to get the updated broadcast of your favorite games. Twitch helps strengthening your gaming skills and offers you chances to make new friends.

I believe most of you uses ring-tones in your phones. With the Mp4 video converter, you can extract any videos or even your favourite scenes from the movies to mp3 files and make your own ring-tones. You can also convert songs that are covered by your favourite YouTubea��s into mp3 files so that you can listen to all the time. Mp4 video convertera�?makes your music life much more fun and interesting; you can also share with your family and friends.