Top 5 Android Apps for 3rd week October 2015


Apps are very important for a smart phone to be use full. They actually increases the value of the smartphone on the technological world. The recent rise in the technological world of smart phone i.e. the release of the new android version 5.1 lollipop has made the developers to come up with also more strong and powerful apps compatible with the operating system. There are various types of app but in our list we have just generalized the most useful apps which are also latest .Here is our Top 5 Android apps for you these 3rd week of October.

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1. 360 Security Lite Speed Boost
This is one of the apps that you must have in this 3rd Week of October. There is no need of rebooting and restarting your phone every time because it slow. This app boost the speed of your smartphone making it perform smoother, quicker and faster. Ita��s equipped with a number one anti-virus with a small installation package of 4 MB and lowest power consumption .This is one of the exclusive boosters with an intelligent power saver. Its other important role is the cleaning of trash from your phone. This app is compatible with all the smart phone android versions.

2. VHS camera Recorder
This is an amazing video shooting app with awesome features. This app allows you to record the videos in old mode and recent time of the same video. This app does more of editing the video to best style and features that you want. This is one of the latest amazing app this month. Have a lot of fun when capturing your best moments. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store. Having more than 4.0 average rating and over 300 reviews ita��s absolutely the best app for you to download in this 3rd week of October.

3. My Babya��s Beat Heart Monitor
This is one of the apps that makes your smart phone more useful than ever. This app allows you to listen to the beat of your babya��s heart, record it and even share it in the social media platform .One of the cautious safety modes in this app is that you have to switch your phone to flight mode so as to prevent any wave emissions .You must not that these app should not deter you from any doctora��s advice. This app is bought in the Google play store before being downloaded.

4. Unified TV
This is a remote control app for your TV, Computer, game console, set-top boxes projectors and other over 80 devices. This app is equipped with Built-in Blasters for phones, network blaster and computer blasters. This makes your life in the living room be very simple. This app is bought for $ 0.99 in Google play store.

5. Hotline Bling Marimba Ringtone
This is an app designed from the Hotline Bling Hip hop song by drake. This song is done on its marimba version of highest quality. This app is very easy to customize that allows you to set it as your ring-tone and phone alert. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.