Top 5 Android Apps for 3rd week November 2015


Apps are very vital components for any smartphone to operate. The current rise in the technological level has really made the app developers to come up with amazing apps for your phones equipped with high graphics. The top 5 Android Apps for the 3rd week November are the ones that won’t let you move an inch away from your phone. They actually make your phone have more value and be more useful to use. It is quite hectic to determine what app is best for you but with our list all of your worries are gone. Top 5 Android apps for 3rd week November are a mixture of all the categories making it be quite amazing for you to install them .Here are the apps.

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Top 5 Android Apps for 3rd week November 2015

1. Romantic Love Quotes
On top of our list is the romantic love quote. This is a excellent app that is equipped with a large number of quotes with amazing picture graphic. It’s actually a wonderful app to give you soothing words to send to your lover whenever you run out of words. The sayings and quotes are not only romantic but also funny making your lover really adore you. This app is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Daily Money.
Everyone in the universe is looking for money, therefore it is a high time you should give your smartphone a chance to earn money for you using this amazing app. This app gives you rewards for money by just downloading it, install it in your device and signing up in it. You will then be subjected to certain missions such as watching certain video clips, liking pages and even downloading and installing certain apps. After this is done you can therefore activate your cash for payment with the minimum activation amount being $100. It is just that simple and you get your cash.

3. X –Ray Scanner App.
This is one the top prank app for you to download in this 3rd week of November. This app uses the rear camera of your device to just prank you that it is scanning the parts of your body i.e. the hands, legs, fingers etc. It is absolutely one of the amazing apps to make fun with your friends with.

4. Hologram Simulator App.
This is also a wonderfull prank app that simulates hologram images of cars, aero plane, Halloween images etc. The hologram image projections are not real, it is just a prank. It’s one of the top apps to make fun with your friends that is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

5. Transparent Clock Weather Pro.
This is a marvellous app equipped with numerous widget such as, weather widgets, clock widgets, alarm widget, calendar widget etc. It also has got amazing and beautiful skins to customize the widgets with giving you a really tantalizing feeling when you use it. This is one of the top paid best apps in the Google Play Store with a price tag of $ 2.25

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