Top 5 Android Apps for 2nd Week of June 2015


The evolution of Human race has brought them to such a stage where portability is the new fashion. And when we say about portability the first thing that comes to our mind is smartphones and tablets. Both of these platforms are now dominated by Android, an easily customizable, easy to use Operating System (OS) which powers more than a billion devices around the globe. Google Play, Android’s sole app marketplace has now become the biggest in the world because of its high app production rate and big user base. Various new apps of 2015 have already earned people’s attention. Let’s talk about those trending apps.

Android Logo

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix just opened a new door to Twitter usage with some unique experience and UI design. Among other great things Fenix is an extremely simple app to use. You can refresh your timeline just by swiping down. You can find photo gallery just above the timeline. And the best of all is the navigation drawer that slides out from the left side of the screen. You can directly access to your timeline, mentions, messages, favorites and more from there. All in all this is the one and only Twitter client app I would suggest everyone.


You don’t need to fill your phone’s storage anymore with your favorite music. Now, you can just turn on Spotify, search your favorite songs, hear those songs and give them a thumb up! That’s all you have to do and spotify will use its complex algorithm to find your taste according your thumbs up and keep playing them. Can hearing your favorite music be easier than that! Spotify has free (with ad) version as well as premium (ad free) versions which costs 9.99/month subscription fee.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

The best app for any cycle lover whether going to office or just anywhere. You will never lost track of yourself because Strava uses GPS to track your current location and your performance. It also helps you to better yourself by showing you your previous taken time on the same route. If that’s not enough hear that, “Strava also helps you to compete with total strangers!!” What that means is while travelling a route Strava will show you other cyclist’s taken time on the route and lets you compete with that time because you will have a leader-board to maintain!


Always wanted to learn a second language but never got the time or place for learning? This app will teach you to learn your desired language wherever you are. What makes it standout in the pool of language learning apps is its volatile way of teaching you which makes you almost feel like you are playing a game.

Clean Master

Clean Master is the best cleaning app in the market. Whenever your phone is a bit slow or taking a bit more time to work than usual just use clean master and your phone is lag free. It’s easy to use interface makes it the best in the competitive market of the cleaning apps. Its new addition includes battery saver with which you can customize your usage of battery.