Top 5 Android Apps for 1st week September 2015


The world of technology has really changed and advanced in terms of innovation, inventiveness and technological levels. Therefore you are not supposed to be left out but embrace it by downloading the latest android apps for September during the 1st week. There are several apps being developed every moment therefore it might be hectic to determine which one is the best but with our amazing list you will really enjoy having this top apps for this week. The top 5 android apps are the one having the top rating and best reviews. Here is our best list of Android Apps for September 2015 during the 1st week.

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Top 5 Android Apps, 1st week of September 2015

1. Gold and Black Keyboard Theme
This is one of the amazing Android apps with a rating of 4.5 with over 5000 reviews. One cana��t just wait to download it in his /her smartphone. It has got wonderful color themes of over 10000 with emoticons and smiley faces that even makes it lovelier. You do not need to set up the keyboard background color and wallpaper because of it magnificent view. It uses the Go Keyboard. The keyboard is acquired for free in the Google play store.

2. True Messenger
This is one of the best apps to keep your inbox safe from spams and messages from strangers. This is an upgrade from the earlier version of the true caller. This apps blocks the spam messages and even tells you the identity of the sender of the message and even the calls. It also protects your inbox by cleaning the spams and even separating the spam messages. Ita��s one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.3 and 20000 reviews. Keep your mind calm from unnecessary curiosity of strange calls and messages with this app.

3. AppLock Theme Deep Forest
This is one of the best android protection tools in the market. This app will help you to keep you phone away from snoopers who might want to see you private photos and even messages by password protecting of your apps. These app also manages your other apps. This app has got an amazing new design that propels it to having a higher rating of over 4.2 and over 3200 ratings.

4. Fingerprint Locker
You want to keep you phone off from snoopers this month then this is the best android app to acquire. Having a rating of over 4.1 and reviews of over 5000 ita��s absolutely the best to stop snoopers. This app is customized and simulated to scan your fingers in order to unlock the phone for around 2 seconds. This is to provide maximum protection to your phone because without your finger you cannot unlock your phone. This app is just acquired for free in the Google app play store

5. Straight Outta Meme Maker
This is a meme generator that allows you to generate memes in any place of the world not only Atlanta London or Compton. This is also one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.0 and over 1000 reviews. This makes it one of the best apps for you this month.

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