Top 5 Android Apps for 1st week of February 2016


Android processing system is designed with the latest technology which really makes it be compatible with the modern and most powerful apps in the phone. This is one of the fantastic years and with the improvement of the technological level the app developers have come up with amazing apps that are really essential. A new year should actually be ushered with new staffs including the apps in your phone. It is a high time you need to customize your android phone with the latest apps. Here are the top 5 apps that you must have in this new month

android 2Android Apps for 1st week of February 2016

The GPS Route Finder.

This is one of the best apps required to give you direction on any place that you are going. This app is essential especially if you are travelling from one destination to another and you really have no idea of the place. This is one of the top apps that is downloaded and installed in your android device with no charges. If you really have got a lot of travelling be it for business functions or pleasure then this is the app to have.

Beauty Music.

If you really have a great passion for music then it is a high time that you need to update your android device with the latest music app in this year. Beauty Music is a music playing app that has got unique features. It very simple yet unique making it very easy to operate. It has got tantalizing graphics that gives you an amazing feeling whenever you are using it. This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.

WhatsCall- Cheapest Calls

This is one of the fantasizing apps for you to own in this 1st month of the year. This is an app that allows you to make calls to any one free of charge. You can also make international calls on mobile phones and landlines free of charge by just using this app. This is one of the top downloaded apps because of its high ratings and positive review in this month of January. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store of your phone.

Betting Tips.

If you have had a hard time in winning your bets in the top betting sites then this is the app for you to own. This app has provides for accurate predictions whenever you are placing your bets. Its results is almost 100%. This app has got high rating and reviews because of its performance among the various users. It has got no price tag hence downloaded for free from the Google play store.

Bet Advisor

Bet advisor is another game predicting app that has got high ratings with a high number of positive reviews. It provides for you the optimal winning games and also delivers 100% accuracy in its predictions. It has got a simple navigation making it very easy to use.