Top 5 Android Apps For 1st Week of August 2015


Apps are part of our daily routine, but with explosion of developers and the ease of making them, to keep track of newest or trendiest apps becomes a problem. Trying out new apps or just finding something that you will enjoy using it just exhilarates the process or keep one hooked on to finding new apps. We bring Top 5 Android Apps For 1st Week of August 2015 as a way to discover share or simply enjoy the Apps that we find across segments for our viewers. Here are the Apps that have made to list for First | 1st week of August 2015

OUKITEL U10 Android

Following the success of their online site, the people of JUST WATCH decided to make a dedicated app for android that is available in the play store.So what does this app actually do? It locates the best sites to watch TV shows and movies online. Whether you want to buy or rent a particular TV series or movie, it tells you where you can find it at the cheapest price. What’s more is that it’s integrated to subscription services such as Netflix.This is a must have for all movie lovers

This app turns your android phone into a keyboard or mouse for your pc. Not only does this app work but it works really well.The best part of this app is that it works on any pc despite the brand as long as it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


How would you like to take a selfie in a galaxy far far away? Well you actually cant but this app is the next best thing. From the makers of one of the best photo editing software on the pc platform comes adobe Photoshop mix for android devices.Adobe Photoshop mix also syncs seamlessly with Photoshop on your pc using Creative Cloud.With this app the only limit is your creativity.


Finally Microsoft creates their office suite optimized for android tablets.Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint is available in the play store and is available with Dropbox integration which means you can access your documents anywhere anytime across all your devices.


This apps makes sure you don’t get caught in public needing to go badly. It points out to you the location of public restroom around you. It also has advanced options that can guide you to the nearest restroom using its maps.So the next time you’re out having a good time know that this app has got you covered.