Top 5 Android Apps for 1st week October 2015


The emergence of very powerful smartphone and also the release of the latest android version 5.1 lollipop has led to the developing of very powerful and awesome apps in the technological industries. Thousands of apps are developed day and night in the technological industries. This has made it be quite tiresome in determining the best app that suits you. Thata��s why we come in handy to help you in determining the best app this week. Our list is well researched because we are also aware of the malwares in the name of apps .You also have to be cautious not to download a malware thinking ita��s an app. Here are the Top 5 Apps for Android in the 1st week of October.

Android 5 Lollipop

1.GPS Route Finder
This is one of the apps that you must have if you are visiting a new place or region .This app gives you the route of any destination you had visited or even planning to visit. Therefore dona��t get lost just download and install this app in your phone for easier navigation to and from a place. This app also allows you to monitor where your friends and family members are .This is possible by just including their phone number in the database of the app. This will also give the direction and even the time in where they were. This app supports different maps such as satellite, normal and terrain map. This a top free app in the Google play store.

2.Music Equalizer EQ
Are you a music fanatic? Then here is a new music app for you. This app has got various functions such as bass booster, music equalizer and music player. This is a 5 band equalizer with 10 equalizer presets that supports both headphone and speaker. The music can be controlled depending on the genre .This features makes it amazing for you. This app is downloaded for free in the Google app store.

3.Finger Blood Group Prank
Prank has gone all the way to the apps from videos. This app scans your finger prints and gives you a prank blood group. It has got amazing HD graphics .This app is just meant for fun .All you have to do is to select the gender tap next and place your finger on the screen for scanning and analysis. After this your fake blood group will be shown. This is one of the free apps in Google play store meant for fun.

4.My Name Live Wallpaper
This is an amazing live wallpaper app that allows you to write your name or anything on it .After which it will be displayed as a wall paper in your screen. The names will be displayed in colorful falling text. These is a free app downloaded in the Google store.

5.Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
This is also another amazing prank app. This app is equipped with amazing fingerprint scanner with a wonderful animation .This scanner is only a prank ita��s not real because any person can unlock your phone This is a free app located in the Google play store .