Top 5 Android apps for 4th week of February 2015


Applications have emerged in all fields of world one way or another. They find their use in business, entertainment, educational, official and a vast number of places. Their dominance in this world is because they provide good services with ease and reliability and keeps you away from going to crowded markets, stay in waiting for bill pay and other services like that. Thus, the development of applications is simply unstoppable and the process is going on at an enormous rate. So, we have added the top 5 best applications for this week of February 2015 which can make your living on this green planet easier and happier by bringing down your burdens of high prices and introducing dose of fun.

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1. Liftshare: Petrol is getting extinct and the prices are making it exotic. If you can’t bear the burden of daily overpriced petrol refilling, then this app is the only lifeline which can save you from this scenario. You can join the 400,000 members on Liftshare and make your daily travel cheaper by sharing each other’s ride for very low price. It lets you find a Liftshare member on the same root with spare seats who can take you to the destiny at low price. The profiles of the car drivers are completely visible from which you can choose the best possible option as well as review the driver for the experience you had.

2. Pushbullet: It’s simply the new revolution in developing integrity among your different devices and creating an environment where you no more have to dig up your files everywhere. It maintains a link between your devices allowing you to get notified about call or text while you are working on PC or other device, let’s you transfer files between PC and Smartphone on a single click, browse the important websites right from your Smart-phone by sending a link from PC, etc. Due to it’s awesome productiveness, it’s made available in 30+ languages.

3. VRSE: Last year Google’s cardboard app debut of creating virtual reality has been extended to the new heights with the help of this app and here you don’t even need cardboard or use can use cardboard too as an option. Launch this app and get yourself submerged in the three dimensional virtual reality where the sounds are also dynamic as well as binaural. Interesting lovers can know more about the cardboard at

4. Dubsmash: There’s no magic in here but just a big laugh it can give to your friends. It allows you to go for any quote, record a dubbed video on it and send happiness to your mates. It is been buzzing around due to its popularity and is available in different languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and much more. Anyone with Android Smartphone above v4.1 jelly-bean can enjoy this application on their devices.

5. 36pics: This application makes it easy to order printed pictures which you can keep for yourself or gift your loved one. With this app you just need to build a roll of film, take 36pics, choose your desired size and place the order. The printed pictures can be received by you at your place or someone you want to surprise with them. The pricing goes according to the size with the rate starting from 7.99 Euro’s while as shipping price is added to the price. The delivery time normally ranges from 2-3 business days.