Top 5 Android Apps 3rd week January 2015


The present world is running most of the activities online whether its business or entertainment. So, the applications used for different purposes should be up to the mark and indispensable ones. Whether it is fitness, photography, calling or something else, everything is taken place through applications which are boundlessly flowing all over the internet. If you are tired of using 2014 stuff, this 3rd week of January has provided you with some great productive, useful as well as enjoyable applications. These applications can save your time, money and even work much bitterly, so they are worth trying for sure.

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1. CardioCast: Taking about fitness and productivity, nothing gets better than this. If you want burn some fat or acquire body fitness but lazy to join gym. CardioCast is hear, this application provides you with loads of workout videos, using your chrome-cast, enter your measurements and start burning fats with the provided workouts. Using this application is made very easy and reliable, making you go through all the tips and steps, tracks your progress, thus acts as your virtual gym trainer.

2. Facetune: Editing your selfies has never been so easy before. Ita��s an easy to use photo editor providing some more gleam, shine and attractiveness to your selfies. It can be used to disappear dark spots on your face, add more shine, apply different other tools to make your picture perfect. Its simplified interface, light size, variety of tools makes it one of the best mini photo editors. We cana��t say ita��s close to Photoshop but ita��s definitely the mini photo editing boss for your Android Smart-phone.

3. Ringo: Ita��s a very effective and gigantic step by Ringo in international voice calling technology. This application neither uses you internet nor charges on your mobile balance. With this application you can make voice calls internationally at 70% cheaper rates through your provider without internet. After gaining fame in the 16 different countries, it has now arrived to India. For Indians, simply create an account and add 25-250Rs in the wallet. The auto phone-book sync option is also available with the price rate per contact flagged.

4. TurboTube: Its minimally upgraded you tube allowing you to watch your favourite videos in buffer free mode. Its pre-loading feature for selected videos allows you to watch the videos after pre-loading and thus saves you from annoying buffers. Its social media connectivity option lets you share all your stuff on Facebook and twitter. The UI of this app is perfectly tailored, and the playback mode is just awesome. Ita��s definitely time for you to change your default you Tube application with this new best possible alternative.

5. Retrica: Its one step ahead of all the photographic applications. You might have most of the time got stuck while applying filters to the photo but none of them seem to make it up to the mark. Well here is the solution. Retrica lets you run the filters while taking a shot so that you dona��t have to mess up or regret afterwards. It provides 80 filters however 55 are unlocked in free version. The timer option in collages is a great and simple way to take them with ease.