Top 5 Android Apps 1st week of February 2015


Although the year 2014 has passed, the application fever is still peaking with the release of frequent application for this busy world. The need of application is felt because of their easy to use UI and most essentially time saving quality. So, this week of February has also provided us with highly beneficial applications adding a remark in essential fields like photography, business, health and Smartphone optimization. These fields are definitely in scarcity of what is being provided in this installment of ours. So, hope you enjoy our hard work of this week and stay tuned in for weekly updates.

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Top 5 Android Apps 1st week for February 2015

1. Adobe Photoshop Express: The Photoshop family have finally released the Android version of their ever famed Photoshop. This app lets users to tune up their photos for looking much better by using unique automatic filters and fixes. Besides the common editing tools which include crop, auto fix, color-fixing by varying shadows, temperature, etc. It lets you apply more than 20 cool filters, 15 different borders. It can easily handle your huge sized panoramas and supports RAM format also. It social network connecting features lets you share your photos with the crowd around you. You can also choose for paying some money to get much more exclusive Photoshop features.

2. Asana: If you are fed up with the scattered data like emails of your project running in-between your team, then you definitely need Asana as your buddy organizer. It lets you and your team to quickly organise and perform the tasks and keep track of reminders and the things you need to do. You can directly comment on the task where you want your mate to perform their act and get updates. Besides being a team organizer it can also help you as a day organizer and manage your all day tasks. The 15 of your team mates can act on the project for free whether on the web or application.

3. Camu: Leta��s do some unique stuff with photos and videos which other editing apps are not able to perform. This application unlike others lets you apply the live filters on your photos and videos, a wide variety of text effects are present which can make you write beautiful text on the photos. The best part about this editor is the auto selfie mode which takes selfie when you seize the movement of your camera permanently.

4. System Tuner Pro: Ita��s obviously known that majority of people are fed up with these system tuners promising to make your Smartphone better but instead making your Smartphone as an Amazon of bugs. However this new tuner has recently came under our spotlights; capable of performing a wide range of vital activities definitely required for a Smartphone. Its few of the features include back up, verification of apk, ability to uninstall system stocked applications, capable of moving any app from internal storage to SD card, a comprehensive task killer, cleaner, system monitoring and much more in single package.

5. Calories! Basic a�� Cal Counter: Leta��s take some concern towards health attitude. This essential application can prove to be your perfect match if you are willing to burn some calories and take a step towards fitness. Besides your daily workout, you should also be conscious about the food you are taking and there this application comes into play with its huge database of 6500 European foods and 9800 non European foods along with the capability of defining serving sized in the hands of user. Besides it, it provides access to 350 health improving sports, calculates BMI, and ita��s exercise dairy and nutrition dairy is much more vast applicable than it can be explained so giving try to it is must.