Top 5 Add-ons for XBMC in Android Device


XBMC app requires add-on for it to functions. Add-ons are plugins that will enable you to stream live the latest movies, music, TV shows sports etc. They are actually the most vital components in Kodi. The XBMC/KODI cannot run without this plugins. This plugins are downloaded and installed so as to feature in the XBMC app .There various add-ons that have been developed and a best add-ons must have a good interface and eye-catching graphics. Ita��s quite difficult to determine if an add-ons has got is actually the best for unless you download it. This is actually tiresome and a waste of time. That is why through our well versed list we give you the best plugins for your XBMC that are compatible with the Android device.

xmbc app

1. add-ons Installer.
This is a vital plugin that is not supposed to miss on your .It gives you a vital information on the updates on the existing plugins and latest plugins in the google play store. It also updates the critical updates for your XBMC app plugins .Its equipped with eye catching graphics with a perfect interface .This plugin is downloaded for free.

2. Phoenix.
This is one of the top add-on for XBMC in your Android device. Ita��s equipped with amazing graphics and a perfect interface .Phoenix add-on gives you access to watch the latest movies, TV-shows and music as soon as they are released. This add-on does not have annoying ads that might interrupt your watching experience. You can also watch your favorite sport games in this add-on. Having this amazing features makes it get depicted in our list of the top 5 add-on for your Android device.

3. Netflixbmc.
This is one of the common and largest video streaming add-on for your android device. This add-on enables XBMC get access to the Netflix site. Here you can stream live the latest top and highly rated movies, TV series and even songs. Ita��s equipped with a Chrome launcher to enable video playback in your XBMC. Netflix has a huge and top rated video contents.

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4. Genesis.
This is another amazing add-on for your XBMC that is equipped with a perfect interface that allows you to pause and play videos. This add-on is equipped with a large video content that makes it more interesting to install ii in your XBMC .It also allows you to download the video contents and play them in HD mode. This is one of the unique top add-on because of its interface and graphics.

5. 1channel.
If you need an update on the latest movies immediately they are released then this is the add-on to install. This will allow you to watch the latest TV series, movies and even music clips that are hitting in the top chart. It has got eye catching graphics with high quality HD movies making it the best for you. This is also downloaded and installed for free in the XBMC.

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