Top 4 iPhone Games for the month of November 2014


Apple is the pioneer electronics company to produce smartphones. They are the leading developers and their devices are most liked in the world. The reason for this liking is the quality they produce and application that they provide to helps you with your problems. iPhone was always known for its innovations and its application store. With the launch of iPhone 6 the company has granted users a wider screen and with that way better graphics. So with the launch we thought of providing you with the list of some of the best games newly launched games on app-store. The games are compatible with the earlier versions /devices so don’t worry guys this article is for you as well.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Overkill 3
Looking for some action punk then overkill 3 is the game you should not miss. Crane-balls brought a full action and adventure pack game for all iPhone users. The game starts in a painful situation with mystery and pain everywhere you have to defeat the enemy soldiers and survive to become the top rebellion leader. Overkill 3 graphical experience is comparable to Xbox and PlayStation making it one of the best games to immerse yourself in. One can upgrade yourself with unlimited weapon options with ultimate up gradation. You as hero have to pass through various environment and fight against some of the loyal enemy soldiers. The game final battle with boss is epic and contains cinematic like no other. The game has many other feature that you shouldn’t miss while playing.

Sheep in space
Sheep in space a weird name but requires really brains to crack it levels. Sheep in a space is a fun yet challenging puzzle game that puts you in a race against time to crack the logic and get the poor sheep down. The game has many levels and many are added regularly to keep the dice rolling. This 2D puzzle game is for all ages with upgrades in level you will face some serious difficulty levels.
The game setup is as follows with the sheep spacecraft being attacked while re-establishing themselves. We as a gamer have to fix their ships circuit and pipes to help them safely travel further. The game environment is depicted in a very beautiful manner.

Archery blitz
With 120 levels and four modes, the game indeed is one of the biggest games where you have to just point arrows to the target and aim for the best shot to get maximum points. The gameplay is you just have to pull out your arrows and pull the bow to kill zombies and destructible stuff to gain more points. There are different types of bows some of which have special powers that will help you destroy your enemy and gain you maximum points. With 8 power arrows to unlock 2 lethal explosive and unlimited power ups the game becomes challenging and fun.

Babble u
This game is for all the smart ones. You just have to have better hand to eye coordination to win this game. The gameplay is you have to type words that are on screen in a limited time and the quicker you do more you earn. The game doesn’t end there as we take on each level the words turn out to be tough and bigger and time period lashes down to increases the difficulty level mind you words turn out to be really difficult once you move ahead.