Top 4 apps for Windows phone in July 2015


Windows platform always offers unique and good applications for the mobile phones. Windows applications are as popular as any other platform applications. Applications have been modified and launched again on this platform to give user best experience while using an application. Some new and unique applications have created ripples in the application market soon after their launch. We have tried to collect some applications which are new but are already focus of attention due to their new idea and concept as well as their applicability in daily life.

Windows Phone 8.1

AZ player
A Z player can be considered as one of the best window media player. Some of the features are very unique and interesting. Music can be played in background, at the same time pictures can be played as slide show. Playlist can be created and managed very easily with help of this app. Online service is supported too. Music can be played on sound cloud and videos can be played on you tube too. Videos, music and pictures can be downloaded with the help of this app. It supports lyrics of the songs too.

Runtastic six packs
This app is solution for the fitness seeking persons. You do not have time for workout. You cannot hire a personal trainer. You are not sure how to do perfect workout. This app is for you. This app is a workout app specially designed for individuals who cannot devote time exclusively for workout. There are two avatars in app, Daniel and Angie, Who help you train extensively with the help of nice work out videos.

Hexagram cool wallpapers
It is a wonderful wallpaper generating app. These wallpapers can be used for start screen as well as lock screen. This app helps users to create nice wallpapers with combination of various beautiful and appealing polygons with a variety of the colours. There are 10 colour swatches with 600 + colours in it. These wallpapers can be customised and tuned for final effect. Image filters also available in the app which makes it a nice app.

Photo recovery- free bird
This is a mind-blowing app which can make a person recover his deleted pictures by accident. You realized that picture you just deleted is very important for someone or for yourself. Dona��t panic photo recovery is here for help. All you have to do is just click the app in your phone. This app will look for your picture in the internal memory and external memory and recover it. Then you will have to select and restore important documents. App is supported by the devices manufactured by Nokia, Lenovo, HTC and Huawei.