Top 3 Android Apps in 1st week of July 2015


Modern era is the witness of vigorous change in technology and applications. Applications are the interfaces that are raising the transparency level both in physical as well as virtual world. One platform that is consistently getting famous among the folks is android application or android apps. Apps have huge varieties and all the services are launching their applications. Similarly, in the year of 2015 we give information about the five best android apps. If you are a fan of applications too then this article is really a dessert for you. Leta��s have a look on top 5 apps for Android operating system of 2015.

Android 5 Lollipop

If you are a fan of late, night parties and love to booze then this app is a piece of cake for you. Many people are often worried about the transportation because in night it is hard to find a cab nearby. To expel this problem the Kabbee app is launched for the users. You can search all the local cab agencies located in the area. Moreover, there is an option to compare the cab rates that enables the user to choose the cheapest cab for the night.

Movie making used to be a difficult task couple of days before but now the wait is over. We have Vine on the Android platform that allows everyone to capture live videos right away through their phone. Vine is an easy to use app that enables the user to play, pause, shoot and animate the videos. You can also share the apps via social networking icons present on the main screen. All these features make Vine as the best video making application of the year.

Quality Time
Are you a mobile freak and spend too much time with your phone then quality time is a must have app for you. This simple android app provides real time statistics on the time spent on the smartphone. It also provides the list of apps and their usage time. The user can set limits that can help in reducing the usage with the help of this app.