Download Top 10 best games for Android devices year 2013


Top 1o best games android devices for year 2013

The year is coming to an end and it has been a very happening one. Android devices have flourished along with the usual iPhones and Windows Phones. But along with that many apps and games even came up for your favourite devices and so we have decided to round up the best ones among the crowd. So we have put here a list of the best games for Android devices year 2013. Many free some paid but each one in the list is worth the mention because they are actually that good and deserve to be in the device of any decent android gamer. You can download the best games for android from the list given below.

Best Games of the year 2013 for android device are as follows:

Asphalt 8 – Airborne:

Asphalt 8 Airborne

This is the most popular gaming title ever to be made. Having its roots in Java versions and later moving on to Android and other eco-systems, this game has made many of its fans with its intensive gameplay and superb realistic graphics. If you have not played this game till date, then you are missing out a big part of the Android gaming experience.

Dead Trigger 2:

Dead trigger 2

This popular killing title has come with it’s another edition with Dead trigger 2. The gameplay has now become much more interesting more number of weapons, a huge array of it and also availability of in game purchases for getting more and better weapons to kill the zombies. The gameplay is pretty straight and simple, you have to go on and kill all the zombies. But the action and splattering of the zombies and their heads have become much more interesting. So do not miss out on this wonderful game now even available in HD version.

Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit:

Need for speed hot pursuit

This popular racing title for PC and console has arrived for Android and that too with its new avatar optimized for mobile and HD as well. The popular title for consoles has come to bridge the gap so that its fans are not far away from their favorite gaming title even when away from home. This game got over 100,000 downloads in the very first week of its release even when it was a paid game.

Fifa 14:


This is the most popular football title and the most downloaded ever game in the sports category. The best part is that the developers at the EA studios have worked really hard to make game look very much real even on the small screen. So you won’t actually miss much in this game while playing and also not much difference as well except for the touchscreen controls which might take some time to get used to, but once that is done, the world is yours to conquer.

Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga

If you have been troubled a lot with game invites and requests on Facebook, this game must be the main reason for this. The social competitive game with a simple gaming style which goes on increasing in difficulty is really captivating and addictive. Once you start playing this game, it is really hard controlling yourself to stop and the only thing that can do this is your phone flashing low battery. But do not forget about your family and work while being so engrossed in this game.

Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3

This is the best looking racing game ever with the best graphics. It might not have the best gameplay and storyline, but it’s just a completely different kind of fun playing this game on a HD display. The racing action seems very real and you might even happen to close your eyes if your car crashes, that’s how amazing the graphics of this game are.

Angry Birds-Star Wars 2:

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds is back with its new edition of Star Wars in an all new star wars angry birds. Rovio this time around has come up with a new concept where you can side with either the dark side of the Piggies or else with the good side of the angry birds. The gameplay has also been revised a bit with an all new concept and amazing maps making it much more fun to play this game. You will be left playing the game for a long time.

Bad Piggies:

Bad Piggies

This was released at the very beginning of the year, but this game gained so much popularity that even today many people download the game and play it. Rovio is also doing a very good job of updating the game regularly with new level and puzzles and new features in the game making it much more interesting.

Where is my Water 2?

Wheres my Water 2

This game is prepared by the Disney studios and is actually targeted towards small kids playing the game but don’t be surprised if you find many adults also playing this game. This is a puzzle game which actually has a very unique concept like none other where you have to make the water properly flow in sufficient quantity to the alligator for its bath.

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers

This game has won the hearts of all the young and the old alike. A very simple and interactive game where you have to just keep running around and over the trains collecting coins and power-ups and moving ahead with levels making high scores. And also as you move on ahead the speed also increases making it difficult and hence requires a high amount of concentration and great reflexes. It actually takes time getting used to this, but once done, then it is great amount of enjoyment and you can also post your scores on Facebook and compete with friends.

Thus here we have the final roundup of the best games for Android for the year of 2013. There have been many other releases as well during the end of the year but it is still time till they pick up some momentum and jump up the ranks. So surely comment below what you think of the list above and if you think of some games that should have had made the list according to you.