Temple run 2, subways surfers for Nokia X, X+ and XL series


Temple run 2 and Subway surfers are the best and most downloaded games for Android running phone. Now Nokia X series phone can run most of the Android games so all this game is also compatible with your Nokia series phone. Android running phone has Google Play Store to download all your games and apps but as Nokia Android is not a Google project this phone lacks with the Play store feature.
Temple run 2 is top grossing free games and most familiar game for smartphone. Initially Temple Run 2 is next instalment of Temple Run game with superior graphics and different characters to play with. Initially Temple Run 2 was simple but later with the updates it went more difficult and went on adding new features in it.

Temple Run 2

The game is all about you saving the life of the game character while escaping from a big bad Gorilla. You will get many power-ups, coins and booster on your way which makes your game interesting. Phone runs on sensors, when you tilt your phone a bit player moves from left to right and vice-versa. Only four characters were added initially but now there are ten characters to choose from. Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Francisco Montoya, Zack Wonder, Montana Smith, Usain Bolt and Santa Claus you can add them to your game buy purchasing characters and enjoy the surprise by yourself.

Subway surfer is another run chase game; a boy was introduced initially who is chased by a cop and a dog for applying graffiti on subway route. Game is very interesting as the player can surf on the tracks and have to save himself by upcoming obstacles. You need to duck or jump over the hurdles and most amazing hurdles is to save player from the train coming from front.

Subway Surfers
You can run on the train, tracks and platform which ever is convenient to save yourself. While playing this game you will find many power ups and coins which should be collected to purchase different accessories necessary to play game. You can change your character by purchasing another character which does the same, but all have their unique style. Every update of the game introduces something new like new stages or city, new graphic and characters with new difficulties in the stage.

You can download this app from the Nokia Store or you can get it shared by your friends as now your Nokia is compatible with .apk files too. But most secure and easy way to download this game for your Nokia X series phone is just visit to the link provided below and get it downloaded easily.