Telegram messaging app for Android and iPhone review and download


Instant messaging has become the necessity of the smartphone, you might observe that generally all the people are busy with the instant messaging app. Whatsapp was one of the most popular instant messaging app and is continuing to be the most popular one. Recently one new app has been in the picture called Telegram. It is very good and simple app which has many features and the main focus of this app is on speed and security.

Telegram Messenger

Telegrams have good features like of other messaging apps, but some of the features are really impressive. In Telegram app you can make a group chat and your group can have 200 members which means truly a group or mob chat. Most of the messaging app does not support heavy file transfer, but Telegram allows you to send files up to 1GB and also allows you to send pictures from web or from any medium. It also provides you privacy as you can keep your chat in secret message section so no other people can see your favorite chat.

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Send unlimited messages and media file to all your close ones and also share documents like pdf, doc files to your friends. Telegram support sending of document files which makes this app a complete messaging app. You can express your feelings by various smileys which are provided in this app. So now describe your mood with the help of funny smileys. You will not have to worry about the storage of your conversation or messages as it is directly saved in Cloud storage, which means, you can retrieve all the messages anywhere at any point of time.

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Why to choose Telegram?

Speed: Telegram is really fast as you do not need to logout and login to your Telegram account every now and then. Make registration and start using Telegram easily.

Group chats: Telegram provides you up to 200 people to join a group which is very useful feature and helps you to share huge chunk file among your group chats and personal chats. Now you do not need to worry about the data sending limit as you are provided with 1GB data transfer.

Secure: Unlike other messaging app, Telegram has more security for your chats and data transmission. You do not have to worry about the data loss as it is stored in Cloud storage.

Most important and impressive fact about this app is it does not entertain any advertisements which means, the app will be fast and free from Ads. Telegram also provides good support and for the help you can just move to the settings of the app and click to a�?Ask a questiona�? and your problem will be resolved.

Overall Telegram is the best app and grabbing the market attention slowly and soon the world will move on the Telegram.

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