Swing copters 2 like Flappy Bird is Punishing but Fun


Have you realize the pain of failure, if not then prepare yourself for it. You know why because Flappy bird creator has a new ultra-hard mobile game. Before holidays come it is time to test your patience. Last year Swing copters 2, a free to play sequel a mobile title developer namely Dot Gears. It is much like predecessor. The users which play this are asked to maneuver a pixelated retro sprite. Which is wearing a propeller hat? It is through tiny silver. It has got space between two swinging hammers. It is possible for as long as you can .Previously studios games have the only mechanic that is tapping the screen without brushing up against anything whatever it is.

swing copters 2

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In my attempts the first three I play it was bad. I managed hardly a respectable score of zero. You see how difficult it is . The founder Dong Nguyen, Dot Gears will give the difficult design style soon. It does not appear to change his punishing design style. The game will introduce some elements which are unique. Graphics has been improved noticeably. The whole cast of characters in new playable scene. You can earn medals to unlock others that are quiet interesting when you go on in this very much game. The swing copters 2 introduced a feature that is Dot Geara��s signature banner ads. The team which works on that added a pay method to unlock the system for $0.99.the main advantage of this pay method is that you can also pay the same amount of fee to remove ads which will disturb you during the play. You may have noticed that the ads are coming time to time when you play game at internet the ads are removing our attention towards game and we feel like angry. So our team has worked well.

The game studio Hanio, Vietnam consists of six people including Nguyen. But someone remained relatively quiet since Flappy Bird this somebodya��s name is DotGears.It changed the life of Nguyena��s. It is nearly two years ago. It is the enigmatic mobile game, it has quiet inspired from classic Nintendo tittles. It was designed to be extremely difficult, it took very time about 1 month. When he released at the small time it became the most downloaded app in history of world and has got countless clones, just this week from the Washington post that is Flappy candidate includes this one also, and has timed to the election cycle.

A massive influx of attention hit last year, it includes threats and criticism, it leads to Nguyun to pull up Flappy bird from app stores. Thought comes into his mind and he cited the games addictive nature at that time so that people become addicted towards that and got premium prices on eBay when this began to install on smart phones. He become quiet until his team realizes a multi-player upgrade of Flappy Bird for Amazon Fire TV in August 2014.

After that the first plan was that to update the current app so that I took about 1 month. He writes Swing Copters 2 on Dot gears website. After that mind has changed so plan changes, and they make sequel instead and it took about 2 and a half months. They worked hard and hard and they completed it in year 2015.After it was completed the company says Swing Copters 2 is realized on December 17,now the game is available on ISO app stores and Amazon App stores also.
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