Samsung’s ChatOn messenger installed by 100 million users – direct download


Recently Samsung Electronics claimed that their ChatON messaging have crossed 100 million users. We would like to tell you that they started this service in October 2011 and till May 2013, there were 50 million subscriber. After that they doubled this count in just 4 month and it has reached to 100 million mark. Reason behind the success of ChatON is the international markets support and also support for many operating system platforms. You can use this from your personal computer, Samsung feature phones and also most of the smartphones with Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone operating system. ChatON have also got the multi-screen support and with the help of this, you will be able to sign-in on multiple devices. There is a limit of 5 device on which you can sign in with one Samsung account ID.

samsung chaton

There is one more thing which leads to the success of ChatON and that is, most of the GALAXY devices come with ChatON preloaded. It got gradual popularity in India, China, and the United States and this growth increased in Europe and the Middle East. They started this service so that people from different countries can interact in multiple languages. Currently there are 63 languages support. There are some extra feature like Ramadan Anicon and this helped ChatON a lot to be popular in Middle East. This has got a very good user interface where you will be able to drag and drop the media files directly to the chat window. If you are using Galaxy Note III then you will also be able to send hand written messages.

Samsung ChatOn Messenger Download Links:

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