Samsung Galaxy Young 2 PC suite and USB Drivers Download


PC suites are the software package used to establish an interface between a mobile devices and computers. This software package is needed to back up your precious data, which comes handy when your previous device is lost or upgraded. Consumer market is shrinking and people are planning to buy stuff that takes care of all the possibilities and provide you with ultimate solution and so is the telephone industry. All the major device manufactures have developed their own Pc suite with special features but have not succeeded much. Now we will help you explore the pros of other PC suite that can be compatible to your device except the Samsung kies tool.

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

Mobile go

One of the big names in this division is Mobile Go with a product compatible with almost all devices as well as all Operating system. The tools allows you to transfer your message s.m.s gallery etc. onto your Pc via a cable. The entire software can save data and encrypt with a password. The tool also allows you to drag a data from a Nokia Symbian phone to an Android phone as well as IPhone i.e. multiple device compatibility. Features like this make such tools more viable the company offered tool. To get this thing going you need to download this software on your device as well as on your PC establish the connection and you are capable to transfer any data on any platform easily.


The new name recently heard is mobiledit. The company has made a cross platform for multiple devices. The tool serves and manages major like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC and many more. The company has studied the previous product and tried to get something new. This toola��s GUI is quite awesome filled with colours and has a capability to transfer data via wifi or usb cable which are the latest trend. The software is free for android and iphone users where to use this wonderful tool the customer have to just hook up the device and Pc that consist of the same software working simultaneously. The tool allows you to download and install softwarea��s already present on your PC. The software has many other features whose usability depends on the User.


With the basic data transfer capability this tool has been hooked with a market that allows you t directly install application on your device real quick without any prohibition. The tool inbuilt market is quite unique with lots of app easily available even the paid ones. The tool is complete free for users but especially for Android device owners. The interface is user-friendly and has no lagging time also you dona��t have to scratch your head to understand the tool working. The toola��s allow to backup data on your hard drive smoothly.


All this listed application are free on your Google play via which you can take backup, download application, track your phone, set ringtones and lots more by just clicking on one such button. All this application works same as Samsung Kies PC suite but have more advantages also which makes it more useful. Almost all application are compatible to more than one device but have a capability to connect devices from other brands that makes it versatile. Mobiledit! is the one I would prefer over other due to high transfer rate and better GUI facility. Do share your reviews w.r.t the application.