Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stock rom download


Samsung is back in news with yet another Phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The stylish Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with giant screen of 5.7-inch comes with stylish stylus to operate more with S-Pen. Many Smartphone manufacturer experimented to step with their Stylus sort of Smartphone, but very few succeeded to achieve the desired attention. But this time, Samsung has step forward with stylus phablet, which allows you to write, draw on screen. The specification too are outstanding which makes this Galaxy Note 4 stand out in crowd uniquely. This time Samsung Galaxy has broken its past rules and have offered premium poly-carbonated device with metal back panel. To compare with its size, this Galaxy Note 4 is thicker and taller than the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 stock rom download

The display grabs all attention. The display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is truly amazing. With 5.7-inch of display with 2,650 X 1,440 pixel resolution with AMOLED display screen comes with 515 ppi. The display of images and other multimedia files looks quite crisp and sharp. It offers latest operating system 4.4 Android KitKat version with TouchWiz layer a custom Samsung software. The split-screen feature also allows you to operate two or more application at one time. The camera features too are stunning, it offers 16-megapixel rear with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and 3.7-Megapixel front facing camera. Its design and specification undoubtedly ranks Note 4 as outstanding Phablet. The strong and sexier build promises to give reliable and competitive performance.

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