Samsung Galaxy Core Advance PC Suite software download for Windows PC and Mac


In the recent world of technology the need of both computers and mobile phones have increased. Not only the individual systems but the user also uses the combination of mobile phones and computers to fulfill his needs. So, the PC suite helps the user in connecting their mobile phones with their computers in order to serve a varied range of operations. They can share files, can transfer files. The various files of songs, videos and movies can also be downloaded on the mobile phones. The PC suite of Samsung Core Advance is kies software.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

Kies for Windows PC: To download kies software on the Windows, the desktop must be running on the operating systems of Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The personal computer should have a processor of Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or above. The hard drive of the computer should have a minimum free space of 500 MB. The screen resolution must be 1024 x 768 with 32 bit or above. The user can go the website of Samsung at Here the user simply can go by the options provided. The options are there for Windows personal computers. The user can click on the option of Windows and then have to proceed on the steps provided by the interface. The downloaded icon has to be clicked to run. The software gets installed instantly on the Windows PC of the user. The user can now connect their Samsung Galaxy Core Advance mobile phone to the Windows personal computer through the PC suite of Kies.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance PC Suite Kies for Windows Download
Samsung Galaxy Core Advance PC Suite Kies 3 for Windows Download

Kies for Mac PC: The website of Samsung along with the option of downloading the PC suite kies on Windows PC, also have the option of downloading the suite on Mac computers. The Mac computers of the user should have the operating systems of MacOS X version 10.5 or above. It should have a processor that is equivalent or faster than Intel 1.8 GHz. The minimum memory size of RAM of the computer must of 512 MB or more. The Mac computer must have the minimum space on hard drive of 100 MB or also above. The user has to follow the same procedure that is followed by the user who is downloading the PC suite for Windows computer. The user has to visit the website and have to select the option for Mac PC. There the steps and guidelines are clearly shown that the user can download and follow the software. The software icon can be run on the desktop and soon it gets installed on the Mac computer of the user. The user of Samsung Galaxy Core Advance can now simply connect the phone with the Mac computer using the software.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance PC Suite Kies for Mac Download