Re-volt 2 Best RC 3D Racing Game Download on Android Free


This 47 MB free download game app from the Google Play Store by Publisher WeGo Interactive Co. Ltd. is about racing remote controlled cars on a race circuit. Basically various models of real looking RC cars go around in various circuits such as in the Grand Prix race and other thrilling racing missions. Cars include formula cars, monster cars and trucks. You can upgrade the skin system of each car, including accelerating force, top speed, handling and stability. The game does feature IN App purchases so its not entirely free, as there are powers that you can purchase for your RC car. Also, it will post to social networks your scores such as on Facebook should you choose do allow it.

Enjoy the Classic Car Race RE-VOLT 2

RE VOLT 2 Best RC 3D Racing

With the lucky wheel system you can win a ticket to various items and win a jackpot. The game has been optimized for tablets. The objective is to select and race an appropriate RC car as each RC car has different features, adept at a particular race type. You can win 3 stars in the Challenge Cup Stage and win a lot of rewards. You need to get record setting scores or leader board scores on all five tracks of the Grand Prix in order to be ranked high. The higher the rank, the higher will be the reward. Yes, the race does seem colorful if not a bit cartoonish, but this may just go down well with the younger users of the game.

Download Re-volt 2 Best RC 3D Racing Game