Panasonic T21 Pc Suite Download


In theA�smartphoneA�series Panasonic T21a�?isA�theA�latest byA�Panasonic. The Panasonic T21A�device is aA�sensibleA�sizedA�smartphoneA�havingA�4.5 inches display soA�not in theA�PhabletA�typeA�category. It hasA�pixelA�densityA�per inch with 326 pixelsA�and aa�?720p HD displayA�providingA�clear pictures and crisp text.

Panasonic 21 is surrounded by aa�?metallic finish bezelA�and has a sleek design. This device featuresA�aA�4.5inch multi-toucha�?capacitive displayA�and the resolution isA�1280x720a�?pixel resolution. ThisA�handsetA�incorporates aa�?1.2GHza�? dual-coreBroadcoma�?28145 notA�like otherA�mobilesA�of this category whichA�consist aA�MediaTekA�processor. TheA�dual-core processor isA�withA�4GB on-boarda�?storageA�and aa�?1GBA�ofA�RAMA�whichA�is able to beA�expandedA�uptoa�?32GBA�throughA�microSDa�?card.A�ThisA�smartphoneA�sportsa�?AndroidA�versionA�4.1 Jelly Beana�?Operating System and has rearA�camera of ana�?8-MegaPixelA�for photo-shootA�needs.A�The Panasonic T21A�also sportsA�ofA�front-facing cameraA�of aa�?2.1-MegaPixel for video callA�purpose. For connectivityA�ofA�thisA�handsetA�has GPS,A�WiFi/b/g/n,A�Bluetooth-4.0,A�micro USB, 2G, 3G, edge and GPRS.

Panasonic T21

PCA�Suite of Panasonic T21

  • Manage your mobile phoneA�data.
  • Sync Messages,A�Phone Contacts, Manage Calendar, Events.
  • The Panasonic T21 can be Used as Modem to Surf or browse Internet
  • With help of PC SuiteA�Update YourA�Panasonic T21A�Mobile Phone

Pc suite plays very important role for backup of contact or transfer content from one handset to computer or laptop. Because data is very important and almost all who lost their device suffers a lot as they have no backup for theirA�information. It lets youA�drag and dropA�photos,A�documents, video, music between a computerA�andA�yourA�A�smartphone.A�You canA�easilyA�takeA�backupA�of yourA�handsetA�and restore the backupA�simply.

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