New iOS App Memoir Download for Iphone and Mac


As the number of clicks increases it becomes difficult to remember that when any particular photo was taken or where it was taken. To solve this problem, Memoir is developed. This is a photo storage application and it makes use of album-like approach to arrange the photos. It takes the pictures from the phone and social networks. This is available for free. They launched the Memoir on the day when the day of iOS 7 release. Every day, it will get you the latest pictures. If you want then you can search for the pics with the search key like “Aug 2012” or some names. The best part about this application is that, it is totally free and there is no restriction on number of photos that can be stored on Memoira��s cloud.


When you start the application then it will pull the photos from your smartphones camera roll and if you allow then it will take photos from the social networks as well. When it is completed,your Memoir is ready, you will be able to view the photos. All the photos will come in the main Memoir feed. Most recent photos at the top and older after that in ascending order. There are many ways that you can share your photos with your friends. One of them is that, you just select the photo or more than one photo and directly share it with any other Memoir user or some friend through email. If the pictures are exchanged then the pictures will also be displayed on other persons feed. Or you can directly blast it on social network so that non Memoir users can also view the photos. Its a fun application and very useful at the same time.