Must Install Top 10 Android Apps For February 2014


Android has quite a well-developed app store in the Google Play Store, but it has not been stagnated down and keeps on adding up new apps all time for greater functionality and usability as well as entertainment of the consumers.When a new app shows up in the app store, people download and use the app,this way every other month, some app rises on top while the others lose its shine.Then there are some of those who are there till eternity.

We are compiling here a list of our top 10 Android apps for the month of February 2014.

1. Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager

This is a very nice app to manage your device as the name suggests. Android Device Manager app is not like your average device manager. This app brings a fresh breath of life to device managers for Android. With this app you can easily track your Android device. If you happen to have misplaced or kept your phone somewhere and cannot find it, or if it is stolen, then in that case you can ring the phone, or track its location using GPS. Also, if you have sensitive data on the device, then you can also erase the entire data on your device or lock it using a passcode.

2. Task list:

Any do Task list app maybe the best task managing and to-do list app. This is a very easy to use to do list and you can even synchronize it with your Facebook as well as many other online services as well as its other Cal App. Both the apps working together provide the ultimate companionship to you in managing the regular life and tasks and plan everything properly down to the minutest details. Click here for detail Review

3. Fleksy:

This is a very good keyboard app for your Android device. Fleksy app will surely refresh our entire typing experience on your Android Phone. With Fleksy you get a nice fresh and good looking keyboard with amazing functionality as well as beautiful animations which are compact and fast. It does not have swipe functionality, but still you can manage the size of the keyboard in the settings. Other than that, you get some cool functionality where in the middle row of the keyboard, if you swipe to the right, it acts as a space bar and to the left as backspace. Also, when you long press, you can access more functions in it.

4. Cleaner Master:

Cleaner Master
Cleaner Master is actually an old app, but with the latest update that it has received recently, it has got several new functions, features and a nice new fresh UI. What is most special about Cleaner Master it is very fast efficient. On its main screen, it displays the storage and RAM usage, which you can clear off by just cleaning off the junk files, temporary files, Cache, etc. You can also clear out and kill all the background apps to free out your RAM for a lag free experience as well as boost your battery life a bit more.

5. MX Player:

MX Player
MX Player is a very popular player for mobiles and has a status equal to what VLC is for a desktop. Though VLC is available for Smartphones, but still MX Player has its advantages. For starters MX Player does not lag while playing large Full HD videos then whatever be the size or the length. Secondly the player supports almost all popular video formats including the .mkv file format as well.It supports .smi and .srt file formats as well for subtitles. The best part is this player is compatible on many different hardware, so if you have a low end device, it still can play Full HD videos with ease.

6. truBackup:

This is an awesome backup app that helps you get the backup of the phone. truBackup does not backup the root folders, but backups your important data like contacts, messages, apps (only .apk files and not saved game files), and other settings. You can get this backup on your SD card, or on various cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc. It is fast, easy and safe and the perfect way to keep your data safe from mishaps.

7. Pixlr Express:

Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express is an awesome photo-editing app which gives you loads of options to edit your pictures. The pictures you take on your phone are not always perfect and for that reason Pixlr Express gives you a myriad of editing options. With something as simple as cropping, resizing, removing red-eye and auto fixing the image, you can even perform some heavy functions like changing shadows, white balance, providing it with filters and effects and so on. One big thing about this app is while saving the image; you can save it in the resolution of your choice. Now isn’t that cool?

8. Feedly:

Feedly is one of the good news reading apps out there for Android. With this app you can very easily subscribe to and follow your favourite news, blogs and also YouTube videos and the works. Feedly app is really cool, fast and has a very attractive layout as well that makes you to keep looking at the display. Feedly is the perfect companion to stay updated on everything you like and follow. Feedly already has a list of many categories in which with subscription sources from where you can subscribe to specific updates from the categories you love, like sports, technology, politics, etc.

9. Expense Manager:

Expense Manager
Expense Manager is a great app to manage your expenses and income. If you are one of those people who find it really hard to manage your expenses and are shocked at the end of the month checking out where your money has been spent and how much, in that case, Expense Manager app is your perfect guide. It also has cool features like loan calculator and also supports all currencies. This app helps you track all your expenses by week, month and even year. Also, you can back up all the data from the app to Google drive and Dropbox so that you can always check back on the history of all your expenses.

10. Duolingo:

Duolingo is a very nice app for all those who want to learn some new languages. This app comes with loads of languages in it and you can for sure learn the language that you want from any language you want. So for example, if you want to learn Spanish from English or even Spanish from German, you can do that very easily. It has tasks and tests that you can complete and with every level, the difficulty keeps increasing. Duolingo is a really cool one who wants to do something productive on the move.

These are the top 10 apps we have for the month of February 2014.Tough ride to get here with many amazing apps available for us in the Google Play Store, but guess for now, these are the ones which are the most, pleasing, productive and popular. Do make sure to check back here for the top apps for the next month of March and also for regular updates on everything Mobile.