Make your Android smartphone screen turn on and off automatically with Gravity Screen App Download for Free


If you are using an old Android phone then you must be using power key to wake up your phone. If you look at new smartphone feature then most of the smartphones have features of different way of waking up your phone other than traditional power key. You need to double tap on your screen and your screen will wake up and double tap will make your phone sleep. LG G2, Sony Xperia Z2 and most of the newest Lumia models are using this feature.

Gravity Screen - On Off

You can get this feature on your phone also even if your phone is not the newest among those which are stated above. You can use Gravity Screen Android app to avail this feature on every smartphone. Gravity Screen app makes use of sensors which are present in your phone and functions same like the latest smartphone does. This app allows your phone to turn off your phone when you insert phone in pocket and automatically turns on when you remove it from pocket. This feature was first introduced in BlackBerry phone and now Android smartphone can also make use of it.

You need to make settings on this app to match your smartphone, Gravity Screen app works differently on different smartphones. You can make settings of this app according to your phone to work optimally. Downloading this app is free of charge but to unlock some advanced feature you need to make in-app purchase. Gravity screen is amazing software which works intelligently with the help of sensors like pocket sensors will help this phone to recognize the phone in pocket, table sensors recognizes phone kept on table, proximity sensors will turn your phone off and motion sensors leads to turn on your phone when it feels motion. This app intelligently works with sensors present on your phone and works efficiently. You can customize this app from the settings and orient your phones angle so that it works efficiently.

When we talk about the battery consumption then you will be disappointed because this app will use your battery 6% faster. It will consume battery much faster when you are using your phone more often. Turning phone off and picking up will turn your phone on and off regularly which makes phone to eat battery quickly than in normal usage.

Download this app first on your phone and be the coolest guy in your friends circle. Show your phone truly works as smartphone and show off the feature of this app on your phone and impress your folks with amazing app. Download this app from the link provided below and get this app instantly on your smartphone. Link will direct you to the Play store which will lead you to download genuine app for your smartphone.