How to Flash and Install Windows Rom for Lumia Devices


Flashing of Lumia phones was actually thought to be very difficult but nowadays the procedures and steps are very easy and simple. All you need to have are appropriate software. You must also note that flashing of your Lumia device erases all the data in your phone. Here are the simple steps to follow when you want to flash your Lumia phone.

Nokia Lumia 930

1. Download the required Software and tools
You have to download the required to software for your phone flashing this software are the windows image designer which is integrated with the Microsoft FFU Download. This software is mainly required for the booting of the phone. You should also download the Another important tool that you must also have is the Operating System i.e. windows 8 OS

2. Archive Decompression.
Using the decompress the archive which will later create subfolders for Driver, Navifirm and WPID in the LumiaFlashTools.

3. Driver Installation.
Inside the driver subfolders you are going to install the required drivers this will enable your pc to detect your Lumia phone .Here are the installation of the driversa�� procedure:
You must also disable the driver signature enforcement

  • Under the driver in the LumiaFlashTools you will execute the install.bat file.
  • The above step opens up the device driver installation wizard window where you will click the next button for the installation of the drivers to begin.
  • When the driver installation is complete click the finish button.

4. Download the Rom
Here you will be required to download the ROM of your Lumia device. ROM is an FFU file available in the Microsoft servers .In order for you to download it you must have the Navifirm+ software.
1. Execute the Navifirmplus.exe software in the Navifirm+ subfolder located in the LumiaFlashTools folder.
2. The account setup window will popup but you will click on the cancel button since you dona��t have to pay for the account.
3. Key in the product key and then click on enter. After this click on the Unmark All button and select the FFU file.
4. After the above procedure click the download button to download the ROM files.
5. Ensure that the downloaded FFU file is green in color. If the downloaded file is red then you have to repeat the procedures because you have downloaded a wrong file
6. Install the Downloaded ROM.

In this procedure you have to install the downloaded ROM by following the below procedures:

  • Switch off your phone and restart it again by pressing and holding the power button .Immediately the Microsoft or Nokia Logo appears release the power button and press the volume up button. Release the volume up key when a white lighting and gear wheel image appears. Then connect the Lumia phone to pc.
  • Execute the start.bat file located in the WPID folder under the LumiaFlashTools folder. The windows Phone Image Designer will pop up.
  • Select the flash a windows phone image onto your phone and click the next button.Thus the software now detects you Lumia device as x.MSMx.x.x.x. In case the Lumia device is not detected then you will have click on the refresh button and then on the Change button.
  • After the above procedures a superimposed window will pop up where you will have to open the FFU files downloaded and run it.
  • Click the flash button proceed in the installation of the selected software.
    After the above procedure you device will start automatically and you can disconnect your device from the pc. Your device is now ready for use